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  • SRSC Oslo report

    SRSC Oslo report

    8 Jul, 2006

    Looking up at the sky, one thought came to my mind that morning: "Perfect!" For the first time in 5 years, we were graced with pure, undisturbed sunlight on the day of the SRSC stop in Oslo. The stage was set and the juicemeters pumped for yet another insane contest. Read more

  • SRSC Oslo 2006 pictures

    SRSC Oslo 2006 pictures

    19 Jun, 2006

    Check out the new rollingmag post to view pictures from this year's RSC Oslo. Pictures are by Nils Skogstrøm.... Read more

  • Winners of RSC Oslo 2006

    Winners of RSC Oslo 2006

    14 Jun, 2006

    Jacob Juul (DEN) won this weekend's Real Street Competition in Oslo. Felix Myrgren (SWE) got second, and Norwegian Stian Christensen got third. Co... Read more

  • SRSC Oslo 2006 announcement - June 10th

    SRSC Oslo 2006 announcement - June 10th

    3 Jun, 2006

    As far as Rollerblading competitions go The Scandinavian Real Street Contest has history, going back over 10 years, back then it was a skatepark compet... Read more

  • Pony cup 2006

    Pony cup 2006

    30 Mar, 2006

    This year's Pony cup will go down on April 29th, but stuff is already happening the day before (28th). You woud also want to stay after the contes... Read more

  • Roces 'Face the Music' DVD

    Roces 'Face the Music' DVD

    20 Feb, 2006

    Concise and to the point. These are words that describe the new Face the Music Roces team DVD well. The 18 minute video is pure rock'n'roll in its best shape and form: Live fast and die young! The Roces team is as bad-ass and rock'n'roll as the video is. Read more