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  • Hyphy 2 review

    Hyphy 2 review

    16 Feb, 2006

    A video by Vinny Minton and Ivan Narez. Be it a movie about skaters, pillows, giraffes, ice creams or porn, it needs an intro. Usually everything needs to be introduced in order to draw the curtains. In fact - if you choose to spend your money on this DVD, the chances that you will check out this intro are pretty good as well. This introduction actually lifted my mood a bit and especially the acapella R’n’B sends out some good vibes. First off we get some shots of the nightlife – posing gangsters, car jams and bitch fights slide over the screen, followed up by a few nasty bails and finally some smooth tricks from different skaters. It’s hard to underline any especially delightful tricks in this section but Willie Trebach’s FS full torque up the kink, Winston Wardwell’s AO soul 360 AO soul and at last the 450 KG on the acid rail by Trevor Tylovsky were indeed sweet. The intro however is somewhat over-edited in the last part, which kind of confused me to some point, making me think more about all the boxes and color changes, rather than which tricks were actually being laced. Read more

  • We are Valo DVD

    We are Valo DVD

    1 Feb, 2006

    After Jon Julio kicked Roces in the butt to get their machine rolling again, something is definitely happening in that camp. Jon Julio's very own department of the Roces machine, Valo, just released their first DVD called "WE ARE VALO". Read more

  • Review: KFC: Members only

    Review: KFC: Members only

    20 Jan, 2006

    Adam Johnson keeps producing hot dvd`s and here`s the newest one. This time theres a pretty different theme from what we usually see in skatevideos. First of all the video is called zombie comatose and for a reason. The video shows gravestones and skater-zombies, and its clear that there has been used a lot of time on the makeup of their faces and the video visuals/effects. Its a cool and fun thing to do: It gives the movie a different feel! You will remember it for something more than "just" the clean and developed skating that it also consists of. Read more

  • Back and Forth trailer

    Back and Forth trailer

    15 Jan, 2006

    Mikkel Cantoni and Ronni Skovmand AKA Cold Productions (also seen in Times in the latest release "Quasi") are back in the game wit... Read more

  • Hangaren event November 2005

    Hangaren event November 2005

    10 Oct, 2005

    The guys in Linköping are doing it for the 3rd year in a row: throwing of the infamous Hangaren event. This year, they've invited Iain McCloud, Co... Read more

  • Martin Gade Interview

    Martin Gade Interview

    1 Oct, 2005

    Equipped with a sponsorship from Rollerblade as well as a mini-profile in Quasi and a profile in Connections, Martin Gade spares no time wearing down his frames in order to film for his new profile in the upcoming video production from iamcold. paused the 17 year old bomber from Skive, Denmark, for a few retrospective thoughts. Read more