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  • Information about SRSC Finals 2005 in Oslo

    Information about SRSC Finals 2005 in Oslo

    12 Jul, 2005

    The official Scandinavian Real Street Competition (SRSC) – the finals of all the Scandinavian real street contests in Scandinavia – is goin... Read more

  • RSC Esbjerg Info

    RSC Esbjerg Info

    5 Jun, 2005

    RSC Esbjerg is in 2 weeks (June 18th) and it's going to be a blast. A bunch of Danish people as well as German people has already announced their ... Read more

  • Ignition Scandinavian Tour

    Ignition Scandinavian Tour

    27 May, 2005

    After a lot of plans in the past, it finally became reality! Ignition is going to the North! Together with Scandinavia's Media VIPs, Stefan Horng... Read more

  • IMYTA Issue 11 2004 DVD Review

    IMYTA Issue 11 2004 DVD Review

    21 May, 2005

    DVDs like the just released IMYTA DVD is a category for themselves. They are videos that describe a few events more than profiles or showcases skating filmed over a long period of time. This DVD takes you to three seperate moments in rolling history that went down in 2004: IMYTA New York, IMYTA Amsterdam, and the IMYTA Los Angeles. Read more

  • Hustlin for Pennies review

    Hustlin for Pennies review

    15 May, 2005

    Hustlin for pennies is the new video collaboration between KFC's Adam Johnson and the East Coast's Chris Majette. They've both edited a few sections each and put it all together into one video. Read more

  • Times: Kåre Lindberg profile

    Times: Kåre Lindberg profile

    4 May, 2005

    On the latest DVD release, a video called Times was included. Starting from three weeks ago, is bringing you a new section of the... Read more