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  • brings you Times brings you Times

    11 Apr, 2005

    On the latest DVD release, a video called Times was included. The video is edited by two of Denmark's finest video talents: Ronni Skovm... Read more

  • Street Fame DVD review

    Street Fame DVD review

    9 Apr, 2005

    Street fame is the latest video release from Esco Zoo media. To my knowledge, Beau Cottington used to edit the old esco zoo productions. As I liked his old Concentration production, I was excited to see what the new Esco Zoo backmen of Eric Schrijn and Robert Lievanos has produced for us this time. Read more

  • Able frame review

    Able frame review

    31 Mar, 2005

    This frame is the all brand new design from the ABLE company. It has got a nicely wide formed body with the carved ABLE-logo running along on both sides of it, which makes it look pretty god damn phat and nice. The mounting of the Frame was easy going because it consists of a frame and a replaceable H-block mounted with a screw, so no Fiziks-like I contain 1 million parts and they are all about to fall apart one by one-problem. THIS FRAME IS TIGHT. Read more

  • Opening party of Roskilde skatepark

    Opening party of Roskilde skatepark

    30 Mar, 2005

    Roskilde skatepark opens for the summer this friday, April 1st, 2005. A DJ will be spinning records, and a bar will be serving beer (and water) for 10 ... Read more

  • Pony Cup 2005 is this friday!

    Pony Cup 2005 is this friday!

    21 Mar, 2005

    The Pony Cup goes down this friday in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark! Be sure not to miss the competition that goes down in one of the few roller-friendly/b... Read more

  • Eastpak Bullet bob bag review

    Eastpak Bullet bob bag review

    4 Mar, 2005

    As I've just invested in new photo equipment, my old bag that caried my skates and videocamera wasn't big enough anymore. That's why I went to look for a bag that would fit my new needs, which seemed to be hard to fulfill. Most backpacks just have enough room for skates - if they have more, they cost a fortune. I found the solution for my problems at Eastpak, who in my joy has been a good supporter of the Danish inline scene since 2002. Read more