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  • Universal Soul System (USS)

    Universal Soul System (USS)

    3 Mar, 2005

    USD just released a new addition to the standardization system: USS. What sounds like a an American navy (USS) is something even cooler: Universal Soul... Read more

  • Cities Renlinquished

    Cities Renlinquished

    28 Feb, 2005

    The guys from were kind enough to send over a copy of their new DVD, entitled "Cities Relinquished", before it had a chance to hit the shops. So I'm going to let you in on the ups and downs of this video. Read more

  • Clip 2

    Clip 2

    23 Feb, 2005

    For years and years tons of independent productions all over Europe has been released, but none (in my opinion) really had a marketed brand, that would make the video widespread and popular. There has without doubt been loads of local European videos out, but they've pretty much all stayed local. The clip video magazine is set to change this. The clip video magazine is becoming a trademark in videos like VG and life+ is - just for Europeans. The European scene is slowly gaining on the American in terms of talent, and as the American scene is shrinking, we Europeans have the chance to create a identity of our own: Clip helps doing this. Read more

  • 9mm urethane: Assymetrical wheels

    9mm urethane: Assymetrical wheels

    14 Feb, 2005

    9mm urethane is a company that has gotten way too little attention. As opposed to all other wheel manufacturers I can think of, they actually enhanced skate wheel. Previously the improvement in wheels has concerned grindwheels - this chapter is over as 9mm urethane alters the normal conception of a large wheel. Read more

  • Able team video: Out of the dark

    Able team video: Out of the dark

    4 Feb, 2005

    The Able team video has been out for a little over a month and has gotten way too litte attention in my opinion than what it deserves. In order to get more than my own opinion about the film, I watched it with some fellow skate friends, who didn't even know that there was such a thing as an 'Able Team video'. Read more

  • Roll2soul issue #8 is out

    Roll2soul issue #8 is out

    20 Jan, 2005

    Roll2Soul issue 8 has just hit the streets. Highlights are the two good interviews – one with Axel Dünnwald and one with Bart Laubsch – as ... Read more