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  • Skate parties 2004

    Skate parties 2004

    31 Dec, 2004

    2004 was filled with great events in the Danish skate life. I sometimes don't know what's best: to skate with your friends or party with them. Either way you put it, the two always come together. I've gathered some pictures from just 3 different afterparty-events in 2004. Read more

  • Roll2Soul X-Mas Jam 2004

    Roll2Soul X-Mas Jam 2004

    26 Dec, 2004

    Two days before we left, it was still very uncertain if we were going to the X-Mas Jam in Hamburg. I was stuck up with studies and was working 23 hours a day on a school project that was due friday at 12:00. Since I figured out that I was going to the event two days before I left, I never really got to talk to anybody except Daniel Nesterowicz, a fellow Danish skater, about going. So friday at 14:00 - just two hours after I handed in a 60 page school project, I left for Hamburg without much sleep. I was to meet Daniel on the train on the way there. Read more

  • X-Mas Jam in I-punkt skateland in Hamburg

    X-Mas Jam in I-punkt skateland in Hamburg

    15 Dec, 2004

    The annual x-mas competition in i-punkt skateland in Hamburg is going down this saturday – this year with the guest-star: Oli Short. I suspect a ... Read more

  • Quasi premiere

    Quasi premiere

    19 Nov, 2004

    Quasi is going to have its Danish premiere on saturday, November 20th. The event will go down at x-hall skatepark in Copenhagen right after the already... Read more

  • Quasi is out soon!

    Quasi is out soon!

    11 Nov, 2004

    The 4th video release is about to hit your local shop soon. It'll return from the printer in the middle of next week (around November 1... Read more

  • X-hall Junior Championships

    X-hall Junior Championships

    8 Nov, 2004

    X-hall skatepark will find this year's junior champ on November 20th. The junior-champ will be found in a bowl competition for inliners at the age... Read more