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  • Roll2Soul issue #6

    Roll2Soul issue #6

    26 Jul, 2004

    Got hold of the newest issue of Roll2Soul – worth a checkout! I just received the Roll2Soul issue 6 – an issue that really got me hooked... Read more

  • SRSC 2004

    SRSC 2004

    21 Jul, 2004

    The 4th annual real street finals are going down in Copenhagne on July 31st. This is the event of the year in the Scandinavian countries – an eve... Read more

  • RSC Oslo this weekend

    RSC Oslo this weekend

    13 Jun, 2004

    Be sure to come to Oslo next weekend, if you have the chance. The city with the endless spotcount is to be skated by other people than the Norwegian pe... Read more

  • RSC Holstebro this saturday

    RSC Holstebro this saturday

    28 May, 2004

    If you are either from Denmark or is in Denmark this upcoming saturday, you shouldn't miss out on the Holstebro Real Street Competition that start... Read more

  • Roll2Soul issue #5

    Roll2Soul issue #5

    16 May, 2004

    From now on, I'll try to keep you updated with the different magazines that are released around Europe. Be-mag is the most known of European brand... Read more

  • Movement


    18 Apr, 2004

    Colorvideo seems to me to be making some of the only tour videos out there. They have travelled across Europe, USA and even beyond for quite some years now to get to the farthest corners of the skating scenes to catch everything. When I watch videos from Colorvideo, it seems to be what I expect - this video is no different. But even though somewhat unknown great skaters appear in the video - Colorvideo also has its regulars. A nice blend of tradition and extra new spices. Read more