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  • Clip DVD Magazine Issue #1

    Clip DVD Magazine Issue #1

    9 Mar, 2004

    If you've seen the trailer for Clip issue #1 you can't help to get stoked! The skating and editing is truly as a skate video should be. So I was more than happy to get to review the first issue of the Clip Video magazine. Read more

  • Kizers Insiders DVD

    Kizers Insiders DVD

    8 Mar, 2004

    So the outsiders has transformed into the insiders? - at least that is what Kizer promises with this video. But was the clever reference to the last Kizer team video just a good wordplay that couldn't hold? Read more

  • Third Eye Project is out soon!

    Third Eye Project is out soon!

    3 Mar, 2004

    The Thirdeye project, the long awaited Danish video by Casper Jespersen, Kenneth Nguyen, and Peter Drastrup is finally being released! The team has wor... Read more

  • Deshi Euro Deshtruction

    Deshi Euro Deshtruction

    29 Feb, 2004

    When I first started skating, I had skate heroes that I really looked up to and would die to meet. The Deshi skate video brought back my memories of these days, when I was a pro-lover. ;) I'll bet there are plenty you guys reading this, who today are just like I was back then - this DVD is for you! The roster of the tour promises high quality skating and delivers: Ian McCloud, Chris Farmer, Randy Spizer, and Louie Zamora. It is an about half/half mixture of a skate video and a documentary with interviews with the 4 team riders commenting the tour. I would define this video as a documentary rather than a skate video - and if you are to buy it, you should buy it for that reason. Read more

  • First CLIP DVD has just been released

    First CLIP DVD has just been released

    13 Feb, 2004

    Jochen Smuda just sent me a press release with the good news that the first edition of the European DVD magazine CLIP has just been released. The id... Read more

  • Submachine winter sale

    Submachine winter sale

    9 Feb, 2004

    Submachine has their January sale this week until saturday. So if you're fast, you can do some great buys. After this week, they will still have t... Read more