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  • Pictures of the finished x-hall skatepark

    Pictures of the finished x-hall skatepark

    7 Feb, 2004

    In november, we brought you pictures of the x-hall project under construction. The skatepark opened January 31st. Just before the opening, I got the ch... Read more

  • INCID3NT 3

    INCID3NT 3

    5 Feb, 2004

    INCID3NT 3 is a DVD that finally has skating from all of Europe including Scandianvia. The 3-in-1 DVD has great skating from all over Europe although mainly from Germany which makes this DVD worth checking out. Read more

  • Sifika shoes

    Sifika shoes

    31 Jan, 2004

    Powerslide´s "Aggressive Family" Department is proud to announce a new addition to it´s Family of brands. Here is a some information concerning the new "Rolling Only" Shoe company from Jon Julio. Read more

  • b.unique: eleven thirtyone

    b.unique: eleven thirtyone

    30 Jan, 2004

    The relatively unknown New York based clothing company b.unique just released their latest team video: eleven thirtyone. got hold of a copy, to tell you a little more about the video. b.unique's prior release is urban reality. Read more

  • Hype - a film by Matt Mickey

    Hype - a film by Matt Mickey

    14 Jan, 2004

    When I got the DVD, I was excited to see what was ment with the title "Hype", and the pill glass on the cover. I might be one of the few that enjoy watching skate videos with a theme - like Wasteland and the more recent Words. Another thing that psyked me was the profiles listed on the front page: Rachard Johnson, Jeff Stockwell and Mike Radebaugh, although I was a little skeptical about the latter. Read more

  • Luke Geraty concert on dec. 17th

    Luke Geraty concert on dec. 17th

    29 Nov, 2003

    The artist Luke Geraty that appeared on the DVD: Changes, will come to Copenhagen on December 17th giving a concert at Rust. The concert sta... Read more