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The relatively unknown New York based clothing company b.unique just released their latest team video: eleven thirtyone. got hold of a copy, to tell you a little more about the video. b.unique's prior release is urban reality.

The relatively unknown New York based clothing company b.unique just released their latest team video: eleven thirtyone. got hold of a copy, to tell you a little more about the video. b.unique's prior release is urban reality.

I saw the trialer for b.unique's "eleven thirty one" on be-mag some time ago, and immidiately thought the project had a more professional look to it than most other projects. When I visited the b.unique website it looked even more impressive with a sweet and clean design. For a while I watched the European shops if they were going to have the video in stock, but unfortunately they weren't. So after a while, I wrote Courtney Brown from b-unique clothing if they could send me a copy to review, since I was dying to check out more about this project. So a couple of weeks later, a DVD arrived – thank you.

Check out the Trailer

The video is even more clean and professional looking than the trailer. At times you can't see the difference between a million dollar motion picture and "eleven thirty one" – so sweet. A combination of graphical art, still pictures, and studio- and real-life recordings introduces each team rider as well as random sections. The way this video is put together is something to look up to – so many video-makers could learn from this – so this alone is more than a good reason to go buy the video: to enjoy the cleaness!

The b.unique team consists of 6 relatively unknown skaters. I'd only heard of two of them before this video: Gonzy and Jeph Howard. The rest of the team consists of Ramelle Knight, Alex Nunez, Ralphy Herrera, and Brian Allen. Unfortunately, the quality of the skating varies.

Jeph Howard seems to be the star of the video with two sections that consists of really amazing skating. The tricks in the session doesn't only consist of shots from plain skating sessions, but also has some well-thought and planned tricks, which adds to the re-watchability of the video. This is general for most of the sections.

Gonzo (Jaquez) surprised me even more than he usually does. Don't know why, but I think his style has gotten better. He is still the midget that he has always been (sorry Gonzo), but something extra was added. It might be that he tucked his pants down his skates or it might be just plain better skating – don't know. His skating consists of technical spins into grinds and some great style. I especially liked a very low truespin topsoul on a curb and a fullcab true topporn down a rail.

Alex Nunez has a great section as well. I always like to discover unknown skaters (to me) that skate amazingly. He is one of these. Definately something to look forward for. Brian Allan is a good skater as well – he does some pretty sick acid drop rails as well as hurricane (360) topsouls. The only thing bad about Brian's section was the length – too short.

I thoguht the Ralphy Herrera and Ramelle Knight was boring to watch. They both skate with almost no speed and does around 5-6 switch-ups (at least) on each rail they hit. I guess this style of skating is too far away from the European style for me to like it.

From what I can see from the video, the clothingline consists of some very baggy t-shirts and jeans and some accessories such as caps and necklaces as well. Some of the designs look very stylish, but others are a little too bling bling for me :). So it's not for the rockers.

My conclusion is that this is a must-have for skaters intersted in making videos themselves. The quality and ideas are very innovative and done in a clean and professional looking way. I wish more videos were made with the same attention to details and sense of good compositions. The skating is mixed. Some of it qualify to belong to the elite, but some of the other skating is just boring. So if you are just looking for a video with good skating, it isn't a must-have, but rather a be-nice-to-have.

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  • 1

    I saw the trailer, man, amazing, well edited, quality tricks, typical skater emotions (LOL, the trailer shows a guy throwing his skates against a curb)..gotta see it :)

  • 2

    i have just ordered it, yay!!!!! i love b-unique…

  • 3

    i have urban royalty which is allright….its kinda stpid that they gave in urban royalty only a mini profile to howard, cuz hes the sickest of all of them (he could have lost his life trying a fucking high kink, you gotta see that, thats one of the sickest thing i ever saw)now he got 2 profiles cuz he won the imyta….i dont like nunez that much, i dont know why….brian allen is sick with his switch ups but wears tooooo much baggy clothes, really, i wear very baggy clothes but the shit he wears…..i dont know….raphalle and ramaelle are more kinda contest-skaters in my opinion….i would like to get that video….as soon as they get it on ignition im ordering it…..oh and the trailer looks like a million dollars, thats the best editing i ever saw!!!!!!

  • 4

    yeah, that shit sounds sick.. gonzo and alex nuez are amazing!!

  • 5

    Nice, too bad the video isn't in any European stores yet. I had expected some sicker skating, but then again, who am I too judge this, when I haven't seen the video yet :)

    GET THIS VIDEO TO EUROPE – the trailer is sick…

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