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This must be the all time greatest cooperation over the borders, its clearly to see that some skaters have been traveling thousands of miles to the far corners of the earth to get these clips and to do what we love. Last time we saw something like this was VG BMC3 which even didn't include as many nations.

This must be the all time greatest cooperation over the borders, its clearly to see that some skaters have been traveling thousands of miles to the far corners of the earth to get these clips and to do what we love. Last time we saw something like this was VG BMC3 which even didn't include as many nations.

The 3rd release from be-mag, 35 minutes and over 60min of bonus.

On the DVD jewel case front you see don bambrick doing a 540 with style, and the entire print has lots of details to it all worth a closer look. Besides that you get a big a3 or a2 poster with the Cameron card disaster.

You start with a simple and nice animated main menu and a song that will be annoying when left playing in loop very fast unfortunately. But push play and you will see some small commercials for conference, grindhouse, skatepile, ignition and

The intro starts with one hell of an atmosphere, first all the names of the riders go trough the screen animated very beautifully and the first clip you see is enanoh going full throttle towards what seems a giant object doing a bs shifty almost to the top, this followed by a lot of sick acid tricks and disasters which continues and with the god like music it makes a perfect feel and hypes up the intro to the limit. All this ended by the Cameron card disaster you get on the poster. Sweet.

As always Ricardo Lino is full of fun and joy so the first thing you see in his and enanohs part is Ricardo dressed up like a gangster maybe even like 50 cent, double that and you get one dollar thats how cool he looks. If you have seen him you know hes not the most baggy skater in the world, its a good laugh. The same Rolling stones: paint it black song that was used in Medium: film of the year to the Bryan jaggers profile (brings back memories) is used for this part and fits both Ricardo and enanoh very good! They both skate creative, enanoh does some cool tricks on a lot of different objects, also a truespin wheel barrow, but he adapts to the environment and gets everything out from every little bank or curb thats in the city and that plays along very well with mister fun lovin Ricardo which has the same quality's but besides that he does not fear heights resulting in skating enormous and special objects that seems impossible. Only skating can describe it. Of course some of theses spots are in Barcelona.

The first montage is sick, as they say on the rear print on the cover this dvd contains skating from all over the world. And here you get it, the best tricks from all over the globe all in one part. All tricks are sick, from giant kill yourself disasters in old Russia to super tech 270 back backslide to budget topacid in the states. Looking at tricks its one of the most varied montages ever, not really one standard trick everything is special thats what makes this montage good.

The little gangster gonzo is going wild style, with a list of 11 tricks on the screen, he eats this list for lunch it looks so easy and stable even though he might look like a small ball bouncing on the rail it just shows how skilled he is. The same idea with the list as in be unique: freestyle rolling, for Sean kelso. But after this list his part starts and if you have been in Europe summer 05 you can recognize, the spots and some of the events he skated at so you can see they have been touring a lot in Europe 05. Besides all of his super fast tech rail skating as you have probably seen so often he now does a lot of sess slide spinning tricks which is pretty amazing.

Second montage is again full of big and incredible tricks or maybe i should call it stunts from all over the world and from names like Haffey, Al hooi, Sean kelso, Billy o Niel, Stefan horngacher, Shima, Evgeniy leonov, Chaz sands, Rob g, Brian aragon and so on. I wont even mention what tricks they are doing but just look at the names and think for yourself. The music in this montage follows the skating very good, though with a instrument you don't hear that often in skate movies a trumpet but it gives a good sound. And from all that great action it goes slowly into the conquering Europe tour together with sweet butterfly music it only gets better with all the American pros visiting Europe. Al hooi starts this wonderful part with a disaster 360 to a banked wall under a bridge and 360 out, nothing you have ever seen, just imagine how easy Al hooi makes things look. Eric perkett and super stylish Mathias silhan does some trick people only imagine of. Just the escalators Eric back backslides is so big and acid that i get scared looking at it. And M silhan shows some skills on everything plus a curb where he goes fakie to makio to backbackslide down a downwards banana curb, maybe sounds easy but check this one out one more time. Then Sean kelso kills the homemade rail at Stalins place in Prague, together with M silhan and Al hooi they do things on this rail that seem wrong when looking from a logical perspective.

Going on tour with Bambrick, Kelso, O`niel and friends, isn't quite bad they have fun skating all sorts of fun spots. Billy o Niel skates hard and a lot in this part, just as much as he talks shit sometimes. Reminds me check out the bonus material: fishes bedtime stories. And Jeromy morris is also still kicking it! With his creative mind of using obstacles. Don bambrick keeping it clean as always. This part isn't just as hardcore as the rest of the film but indeed inspiring.

Sean Kelso is finishing this movie off with style. I mean how can it be that he can stand high in tricks and still make them look stylish and not goofy? Its incredible, and when high in tricks you can switch faster, and do more difficult tricks, which he of course shows everybody. ex. A full cab front torque to fishbrain 180 out, true top acid to inspin top acid. Sean kelso gotta be the limit for tech tricks period. What he can do on skates, a squirrel cant do to nuts (iceage).

A typical outtro with soft music and lots of fun clips, yet even here you see sick tricks which could have been used as hammers in other movies, ex a trick like Stefan horngachers disaster shifty on a big kinkrail. These tricks doesn't have an end in this movie, the amount of big tricks is enormous.

Looking at this movies editing it has a lot of nice finesses and transitions but its not like it goes art style, but i think its the best way you can use tour material. The clips are in high quality and the music feels very appropriate, its very mixed and that might fit good because. This dvd has what not many has, it unites all skaters across this world and thats something which shows the bond between us in our sport even that its so small and i appreciate that. If you have been to Europe in summer 05 this movie is a great reminder of the spots, the events and the people. If not you will see all the great things you missed in one of the best international skatemovies in newer times. Its all under the wraps.

Best be-mag release.

Daniel Nesterowicz

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