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News about the upcoming IMYTA NYC and the following IMYTA competitions (Amsterdam & Los Angeles) Dear IMYTA Supporters, Thank you for your co...

News about the upcoming IMYTA NYC and the following IMYTA competitions (Amsterdam & Los Angeles)

Dear IMYTA Supporters,

Thank you for your continued support of real street skating events! This email is to share some exciting info about upcoming events and the latest developments about the IMYTA.

1. IMYTA New York City

We are pleased to announce that that IMYTA #16 will be held in Brooklyn, New York next Sunday, May 23, 2004. The venue will be the same as 2003:

John Dewey High School 50 Avenue X Brooklyn, NY 11223

The spots will be shifted for this contest and the finals will be entirely different. Hotel accommodations anywhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan will allow a subway ride to the Event. Registration will be at 12:00 noon (campus will only open to skaters at 11:00am). Professional skaters and sponsored ams registered first, then first come first serve for the remaining spots.

Please note, John Dewey’s full campus will be under video surveillance until the contest. Dewey is a great host for our contest, but we pay permit costs for the right to have our contest there and they have made it very clear that they will prosecute anyone trespassing before the contest (skating) and we accept no responsibility. You arrive before 11:00am on Sunday, you will be prosecuted.

Please also note that this is the earliest we have ever released spot information for a contest in the history of the IMYTA. The reason we have always held this info in the past was to prevent skaters from coming in advance and causing problems at the site. Please respect the IMYTA and John Dewey for allowing us the legal right to skate their school!

2. IMYTA Ten DVD, IMYTA Apparel and giveaways!

The IMYTA is pleased to announce that the “IMYTA Ten: Montreal, New York and Puerto Rico Final4” DVD has just released from Video Action Sports and should be available at your local shops and online as you read this, Matt Mickey directs the season finale from 2003 featuring over 60 minutes of the best and behind the scenes footage (twice the length of a normal skate video). $19.95 USD available everywhere and onsite at the NYC contest next week.

We will also be previewing the first of IMYTA Apparel at the New York Contest on May 23. Brand new 2004 IMYTA tour shirts will be for sale featuring the new IMYTA Icon logos. Shirts are available in M, L, XL and 2X in limited quantities and will sell for 15 USD. Soon to appear on the merchandise section of

We will also be distributing the 2004 IMYTA Tour Poster featuring all of our tour sponsors logos. We are planning on releasing a series of IMYTA posters in 2004 (three), so you will want to grab one as memorabilia. We will also be giving out our first ever IMYTA Stickers onsite.

3. Mailing List and other news. has added a mailing list feature this week (which is how you received this newsletter). If you enjoy receiving IMYTA updates once a month or so, then you don't need to do anything (since you have corresponded with the IMYTA once or more in the past). If you do not wish to receive further communications, simply follow the instructions for unsubscribing at the bottom of the newsletter.

We will also be adding Video edit submission guidelines to our website this week for independent editors who wish to submit their own contest edits from 2004 to be published on Check back with our web site after each contest this year for the accurate results and the freshest, rawest edits just hours after the last tricks are landed.

4. Come to Amsterdam!

The response to scheduling IMYTA #17 in Amsterdam has been Amazing. We have received requests for info and confirmed skaters from 15 countries already. Now with the latest round of Summer Airfare sales coming out based around Amsterdam, it has never been more attractive to attend the biggest rolling contest in Europe! Please make your plans today.

5. IMYTA Los Angeles!

You may not be seeing street skating in the Xgames in 2004, but if you come out to IMYTA #18 in Los Angeles (the same weekend as the Xgames in LA), you will help send a message to the rest of the world that Street Skating is going nowhere. IMYTA #1 was held at the gates of the Xgames in San Francisco, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect to make that statement louder than ever.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to another great year of real street skating contests! Best Wishes,

Jon Julio Mike Wilson Thanks for your support! For more info on the IMYTA or upcoming competitions, please visit today!

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