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Powerslide´s "Aggressive Family" Department is proud to announce a new addition to it´s Family of brands. Here is a some information concerning the new "Rolling Only" Shoe company from Jon Julio.

Powerslide´s "Aggressive Family" Department is proud to announce a new addition to it´s Family of brands. Here is a some information concerning the new "Rolling Only" Shoe company from Jon Julio.

Sifka shoes were born in 2003. Some industry heads put their thoughts together what can be done for skating. In all categories good brands could already be found, but one segment did not have the focus as others.The goal for Sifika is to make quality shoes rollerbladers can call their own. Sifika's style can best be described as being inspired by the classic sneakers of the past, but it's not about producing replica's but remixing the styles and coming up with something new & fresh. Sifika sneakers are for when you aren't wearing skates. Finally skaters can wear quality shoes designed and worn for our culture and from our industry.


JON JULIO: Age: 26 Lives: Milpitas, Ca. Profession: Professional Rollerblader since 96'; Creator of the IMYTA Street Series Sponsors: Sifika Footwear, England Clothing, Second Regime Wheels, 50-50 Frames, and the 2004 release of my new skate company. Latest project: "Headcase Live": I've recently finished producing "Headcase Live". A DVD fusing hip hop and rollerblading together. Headcase Live features hip hop artists such as Sage Francis, Masta Killa (Wu Tang Clan), Defari (Alchoholiks), Sole (Anticon) and much more. With personal interviews with the artists, original music, and the skating of todays top pros. Headcase Live brings a unique perspective on Hip Hop and

KENNEDY POYNTER: Age: 33 Lives: AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND Bio: Kennedy has been involved in the Action Sports Industry for over 10 years. Starting with owning a skate store which he opened in 1991. He left retail in 1994 to work for a fledgling skate brand "BOOM" which under his direction became Australia's number 1 skate hardgoods and clothing brand. Kennedy left BOOM in 1999 to start Poynter footwear with Brooke Howard-Smith, however both Brooke and Kennedy ending leaving in 2002 after things didn't work out with the business partner they brought on to help out. In 2003 he started at Moneyshot, a streetwear brand as General Manager and Head designer. Working on clothing was not enough, Kennedy had the shoe bug and was looking to start a shoe brand again, only this time a true rollerblade shoe brand. The opportunity came in late 2003 when the call came from Jon Julio to come aboard to set up a new shoe brand with Powerslide, Germany. A couple of weeks later Sifika was born.

DAVEEE BLAIR: Age: 24 Lives:Orange County, CA Team manager: of USD, Deshi, 2nd Regime marketing of Sifika footwear I have been involved with USD since 2002 and become friends with Jon Julio. When the opportunity came up for me to be part of Sifika I accepted right away, as it was always my dream and I believe in this shoe project 100%. Its not very often a project like this comes along. Be all prepared for the new hotness.

THE CONFERENCE / POWERSLIDE: Around in the industry since 1994, bringing brands like USD; Kizer, Deshi, Undercover and now Sifika to the skaters. “Shoes have always been a dream for us, we tried already in 1999 with USD shoes but the quality was not there, as we did not know the vendors and the market well, now with Kennedy on board and Jon and Daveee pushing the marketing side, I strongly believe in this new project” says Matthias from Powerslide. Powerslide will handle production and worldwide distribution and will put all efforts in this new project making it a success and setting a standard for quality, look and image in rollerblading shoes.

THE TEAM The International Pro Team is: Jon Julio Randy Spizer Erik Baily Alex Broskow

Sifika shoes will be shown at ISPO in Winter and Summer and at ASR in September 2004 in San Diego,The Webpage will be online March 1. Check out




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    ewwww.. ^2

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    I think they are ugly…...hehe Forrest Gump shoes :-D

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    they look decent

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    Bacardi : yes they do

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    those are very ugly, even the REIGN shoes are better then those….ughh….very sad….least they could make better lookin shoes, they makin the Skatin industry look bad….

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    I like they look ill:D

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    i like them all ecept the brown 1 :D

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    nah i don't like the look of them…

    don't salamon do shoes?

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    The first one is the only one that would get the pleasure of shielding my feet from the outside world…

    Message for mr. J. Julio, IMYTA yes. USD yes. England clothing yes. But for gods sake drop the Sifika thing….

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    i think thay are cool :)

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