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  • RSC Oslo results

    RSC Oslo results

    Events 21 Jun, 2010

    Swedish Joachim Wall took this year’s real street competition (RSC) title in Oslo, Norway. 2nd and 3rd place was also conquered by Swedish skater... Read more

  • SRSC 2010 spots and info

    SRSC 2010 spots and info

    Events 15 Jun, 2010

    Spots – 1: Icy Hills, 2: Planetariet! Once again we are back with the largest Real Street event in Scandinavia – bigger and more banging th... Read more

  • RSC Aalborg results

    RSC Aalborg results

    Events 6 Jun, 2010

    The first real street competition of 2010 went down in Aalborg this saturday. The results were: Martin Gade Daniel Nielsen Henrik Jensen Kåre Lind... Read more

  • Getting ready for Pony Cup 2010

    Getting ready for Pony Cup 2010

    Events 22 Feb, 2010

    Nykøbing Falster is on its end… everybody is working on the totally redesigned skatepark. Can one of the only roller-friendly skateparks become b... Read more

  • Winterclash 2010 report

    Winterclash 2010 report

    Events 20 Feb, 2010

    My virginity was recently taken by a man younger than me. It was much better than I had ever imagined! I’m of course talking about my Winterclash... Read more

  • Pony Cup 2010 is near

    Pony Cup 2010 is near

    Events 3 Feb, 2010

    Ponycup has been an annual event since 2005, and it is one of the largest and most popular rollerblade competitions in scandinavia. We have just renova... Read more

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