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  • SRSC Finals 2008 announcement

    SRSC Finals 2008 announcement

    Events 22 Jun, 2008

    Once again The Scandinavian Real Street Competition Finals will be held in Copenhagen!! The magic day is set to be August 9th! Everyone can com... Read more

  • FLYGT Premiere report

    FLYGT Premiere report

    Events 2 Jun, 2008

    Friday, June 30th, 2008 was a great day for rollerblading. Jonas Hansson’s new video entitled FLYGT had its premiere screening. I was among the l... Read more

  • SRSC 2008 schedule

    SRSC 2008 schedule

    Events 1 Jun, 2008

    This year’s Scandinavian Real Street Competition (SRSC) schedule will look like this: SRSC Oslo 2008: July 19th Check for more ... Read more

  • relaunch party relaunch party

    Events 11 May, 2008

    How many times do you get to relaunch a webpage 12 years old? Well – possibly many, but unfortunately it hasn’t been the case for Read more

  • relaunch party announcement relaunch party announcement

    Events 5 May, 2008

    On Saturday May 10th, I invite all of you to celebrate the relaunch of by drinking my beer and having a nice session. The day is a perfect o... Read more

  • Pony Cup 2008

    Pony Cup 2008

    Events 6 Apr, 2008

    The new kid on the block, Ralf Monnerup won this year's Pony cup. He came in and blew everybody away like none other. The Pony cup was Ralf's... Read more

  • Pony cup is soon: April 5th

    Pony cup is soon: April 5th

    Events 14 Mar, 2008

    The Pony cup is going off this year on April 5th. Warmup begins on Friday at 3pm with a free session. You can stay at the skatepark from april 4th to a... Read more


    Pony Cup 2008

    Events 23 Jan, 2008

    The legendary Danish winter competition, Pony Cup, is a full weekend activity. This year, it'll be from April 4th to April 6th. So hurry up and x ... Read more


    Thisted x-mas jam results

    Events 15 Dec, 2007

    The Thisted x-mas jam went down today. Martin Gade was the lucky winner. Daniel Nielsen came in second, and Ralf Monnerup third. Martin Gade Dan... Read more

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