The acid grind is very similar to the soul grind. The only thing you do differently, is that you turn your front non-souling foot on the other side so ...

The acid grind is very similar to the soul grind. The only thing you do differently, is that you turn your front non-souling foot on the other side so that it grinds on the outside frame instead of the inside like in a soul grind.

The weight should be on the souling skate – plain and simple! When doing topsides, this is easier than the soul! When doing a topside soul, you cannot have your upper body over the obstacle you're grinding, but you need to have an angle of about 45 degrees. When doing a topside acid, your upper body is above the obstacle, since it comes naturally by the way you have to bend your front leg.

If you get really low, and your front non-souling foot is grinding only on the outside boot, the trick is called acid soul. This is only when you're grinding on the boot, not when the outside frame touches as well.


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    Is anybodi out there?! I need help on this simple trick. I can't seem to keep mi soul foot and my other foot on the rail at the same time. can some on tell me what to do?:(

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    find a long rail then do one foot at a time. thats what worked for me

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    For me it worked best to begin to stall the move and after you re able to land it perfectly, begin to reduce the angle you re approaching the rail 'til you re parallel to it and automatically start grinding.

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    either 1. just jump onto it with both feet so ur on rite away or 2. do it step on either slowly or with a long rail

  • 5

    if you can soul, this has the same feel.

  • 6

    i almost find it to be easier than the soul. I can keep my balance better

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    learn an x-grind with you front foot topside, the when you go to grind do an x-grind , keep the same position just dont lock on with your front foot, just kinda keep it up there. im trying to learn them swith and topside now and i just get hurt so i dont try anymore, maybe i should

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    It's just like a soul, you keep more weight on the soul foot, the other is just like a guide

  • 9

    i like to go on a rail/curb on a soul grind then swap to acid i think it seems easier to do then go straight on a acid

  • 10

    I hate this move. I love every other soul (not mistrial / top), trick there is, but I HATE acids. I can't ever get my foot on right ><

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    I can do this trick 50% of the time, but sometimes my backsiding foot stops and my soul foot hits it and i fall, ne advice on how to stop this happenin?

  • 12

    damn, its been so long since i drop that line. now i can do that shit so easily. now i got a problem with it doin topside. oh and to fishbrain try first landin the soul foot then the backsiding foot. thats how i first learned itB)

  • 13

    the way i learned how to do was always steping on the rail fist and after a while i progressed more and now i can jump in a acid

  • 14

    I can never get this grind. When i go either my front foot blocks my back foot from locking in or my back foot pushes my front foot to the right of the rail.

  • 15

    Ok this trick keeps kickin my ass i cant seem to put my left foot into place on the outside of my boot WTF need some right foot is my souling foot and my left foot is supposed to be the bootside just so you know

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    i learned by slowly going at an angle and stepping into it (just A LITTLE BIT). Then, as i got used to sliding and balancing, i started to reduce the angle each time and also started to actually jump both feet into the rail. It's a fun grind that's hard in the beginning but once you practice it gets A LOT easier the more you do it. :D

  • 17

    i broke my ancle twice doing this trick but i still do it:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • 18

    wiredsoul: im also rightfooted well i just started to do acids and like to me works best to step into it and slowly grow the sliding then start to try jumping into it by time.

    You must just practise and not let the souling foot hit the bootside…or u slip out or can slip out. I also donot get the bootside always there u have to bend just right to get it there try stalling so u get the right position how to get its stay better there.

    practise and good luck.

  • 19

    sorry about that… ok so what's it called when your front foot is in frontside posisiton, and your back foot is in like a reverse soul posisiton (instead of your toes pointing towards your front foot, they are pointed they way u are grindin away from)

    I used to think that was an acid, but now I know it isn't.

  • 20

    ok I have a grind question (i guess i came to the right place…)

  • 21

    i think you all are dumb asses and you need to get a life!!!!!

  • 22

    i can do it sometimes, but lately i havnt been able to land my front foot so i sometimes land in unity, funny aint it

    any advice?

  • 23

    You can to take your onter lag on the rail first and then your soul lag I'm speak hebrow so if you don't udearstand me i can't help you sory….:(

  • 24

    this one is kinda hard at first but it gets easyer easier each time you do it

  • 25

    Acid is really simple. It is like mizou put put your recessive foot in the front. It might be scary but you need to built up speed and it will be a breeze for you. Just keep practicing the stalling and once you get it down for atleast 5 times in a row, JUST DO IT!!

  • 26

    for some reason i keep on landing my non-souling foot between the back to wheels, and not the h block…any tips?

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