You can do almost every trick backside, but the easiest of them all is the plain old backside grind. This is only just a little more difficult than the...

You can do almost every trick backside, but the easiest of them all is the plain old backside grind. This is only just a little more difficult than the frontside grind, since you can't see the obstacle you're grinding the same way you can when you're frontside grinding.

When you approach the obstacle, it is even more important that you spot the place where you want to land. Practise jumping up and down on steps or something like that first, and be sure that you have it every single time. As I mentioned before, you can do a lot of tricks backside, – just to mention a few: Backside unity, royale, fahrvergnugen, backslide, and fahrvergnugen.

When you backside grind, you have to remember, that you need to approach the obstacle from the other direction to get the same position.


  • 1

    man all you bitches need to answer the ? when they are asked

  • 2

    dis is a rite bitch…if ur right footed its an ass. jus keeep pracisingB)

  • 3

    man it would be nice to be good with both feet, its friggin hard for me

  • 4

    bladerboi44, you can if u angle ur self like its a curb

  • 5

    i caught on to the fast, my pal tried it, and said its not much harder, so i tried it and he was right. its a mental thing. ;)

  • 6

    the only grind so far i know is back side :D

  • 7

    if u no a bakside, u shud no a frontside too, its the same thing only the curb or edge is in front of u rather than behind

  • 8

    its defo a mental thing u hve to get round the fact that u cant really see what ur doing just gotta trust that u will defo land on the rail every time

  • 9

    my back blade doesnt want to slide,only the front any help?:(

  • 10

    whats an ufo?

  • 11

    I <3 backsides

  • 12

    ufo's are trying to touch the rail with the arc of your feet

  • 13

    If ur a begginer you should ALWAYS land this trick with you feet spread and you knees bent slightly if u do not heed this you will find yourself on your ass at 2 feet from where u started.

  • 14

    Backsides are just so nice when you do them on a nice long rail… mastered them today they are sooo much easier than frontides!!:D

  • 15

    For real i dont really get this grind? i mean is it like a front slide but instead of going at it 45 degrees you go 90? i dk im a new skater…so if anyoneout there can explain this that be cool…later:(

  • 16

    I thought the diff was left foot front (backside) rite foot front (frontside). But wat is the diff the aproach do u 180 on the rail and land faceing away.

  • 17

    ive been skating for about 3 weeks and i done this for the first time last week, lost my balance scraped my arm and winded myself, it was chaos like

  • 18

    This trick is easier if you are right hander, since your leading foot is left. Anyways, whenever i jumped to rail (square 3") to do this trick, i couldnt slide. If you are having same trouble that i had, try going faster and landing on a right spot of ur in-line. PS. you can do this by just completely standing up : ) like this -> 0 / I I I --

  • 19

    haha…wow i just realized how much of a fagget i sounded on my last comment. but yahh i finally mastered this trick. To me its much easier than a frontside i can actually grind the whole thing. i dk y i cant move alot on the frontside i barely move. Any advice? Later


  • 20

    backsides are stylish if done right B)

  • 21

    a UFO, in case one acquiested to require such, is almost exactly like a Frontslide, except you would bend your knees inwards, rather than straight in which Frontsliding is 100% easier. It is also known than at the dawn of aggro inline, sk8ers doing UFO's would bend their knees so much that they would touch the rail. You're welcome.

  • 22

    its wierd i can backside better than i can frontside frontside rinding is just hard for me am i doin somethin wrong??:):(B);):(:D:):D:(;)B);):(:D:):):) LOOK AT THE SMILEY'S!!!

  • 23

    learn ufo first its so much easier to balance

  • 24

    I took a break from vert :( , and tried some grinding. so i laid out a pipe today and tried to frontside. my feet keep flying out from under me like this.

    O /  
     / \_ 

    any helpers?

  • 25

    Practice brings all the comfort and skill. A confident mental state is always good too.

    I was scared of backsides for a long time because I couldn't see much. They aren't nearly as bad as you think they'd feel. It's the same as a frontside. Just make sure to lean at an angle away from the ledge.

    Also, it helps to come in parallel. Coming in at an angle just makes it awkward.

  • 26

    can you backslide on a square rail

  • 27

    just get right over the rail or ledge, and bam, ur there. if you dont get over it, you can’t land backwards. oh, and back banana nugens look sweet.

  • 28

    ahaha im well happy cos im naturally left footed :D piece o’ cake fo me (Y)

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