The backslide is like a frontside, except that you lift your front foot, and only grind on the back foot. It is preferably done grinding on the outside...

The backslide is like a frontside, except that you lift your front foot, and only grind on the back foot. It is preferably done grinding on the outside frame and outside boot as well, like in a royale. If you can do the royale, this should not be a big problem. If you can't do the royale, – well go learn the royale first!

When comfortable with the royale, and your weight is on the back foot, try to lift the front foot a little, not much, only a few inches. When you feel comfortable with this, do the royale grind again, and lift it even more. When you can lift it about one foot, or 30 cm, try to grab it too. Now you're backsliding. You've got the balance now – grinding in the groove from your outside frame and outside boot, and leaning forwards, but having your weight on your back foot.

Now we need to look at the locking in part, that might be a little hard. If you're not careful, you will fall backwards really fast, so you need to land in the groove, and lean forwards a lot. That should be it!

You can grab your non-grinding skate in different grabs – safetygrab being the most common. It used to be the rocket grab that was the most common, but it has gone oldschool a long time ago. Another oldschool combination is the christgrind, where you rest your non-grinding skate on top of the grinding skate and look like Jesus! A more newschool approach is the 'freestyle backslide' – a no-grab backslide.


  • 1

    Great tips. hit it in no time. Thanks

  • 2

    I love backslides, when you are learning them, pretend you are going to land fakie so your body is over the rail properly, then its just balance.

  • 3

    christ grinds, they are more stylish than a freestyle backslide anyday, at least when you get low in them

  • 4

    I learned this trick before Royal, and i think it's way much easier then royal oO

  • 5

    wats it called if u dont grab the foot

  • 6

    any one footer grind is freestyle if you don't grab 'theskater' (=

  • 7

    IMO best looking grind. Shame I can't do them properly :(

  • 8

    it took me forever to get this trick down… theskater, its called freestyle when u dont grab the foot lol it sais that in the article

  • 9

    whenever i do them frontside, im low and have my free foot stretched out straight in front of me.

  • 10

    anyone try judo backslides

  • 11

    freestyle backslide

  • 12

    just go on for a royal but dont put a foot on

  • 13

    Toxboe does a good job of explaining tricks, as this is where I learned most things when I started. I've learned a few things since though.

    Make sure not to jump any higher than you need to lock onto the rail especially on this trick. it'll want to stick easier if you jump high into it. Be careful of your body over twisting. if your body twists, your h-block will want to stick a little on the rail and make you land early.

    Just throw it up, hold that other foot up a foot or so above the rail and look down the rail. Looking down the rail, and not at your feet, will make the trick feel as comfortable as a makio if you get used to it.

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