Cess slides

Cess slides are grinding on top of a flat surface without any edges – you just slide your boots on the surface – could be the asfalt or the...

Cess slides are grinding on top of a flat surface without any edges – you just slide your boots on the surface – could be the asfalt or the middle of a curb where you're sliding from one side to the other.

The trick has also been called a "powerslide". But since that originates from the skateboard term "powerslide", I've chosen to stick with the rollerblading term.

Cess slides were originally only done in royale position. In the past few years, people have taken this further to do cess slides in normal grind positions. Popular ones are toppornstar cess slide, fishbrain cess slides, unity cess slides, etc. Notice that these are topside terms – that is because you need to get as low with your boot to touch the surface as you would in a topside grind. Other popular cess slides are the fahrvergnugen and torque cess slides.

In the cess slide, you slide on your frame and boot at the same time – sliding on both at the same time helps you keep the balance.

Being able to do a cess slide or not shows how comfortable you are in your royale and fahvergnugen tricks. When you do a cess slide you have all your balance on the "backsliding", "torque'ing", or "souling" foot. So if you do a royale cess slide, you will have all your balance on the back foot – the backslide foot. The front foot will just help you keep the balance – but you shouldn't place your weight on it.

So since you have to put your weight on this foot, it would be a good idea to learn these grinds first: Backslide, torque, fishbrain, alleyoop fishbrain. When you can do these tricks, cess slides will not be a problem for you.

You can also do unity and savannah cess slides (basicly – you can do all grinds as a cess slide). When doing unity and savannah cess slides, you'll have to keep your weight more centered.

When you can do a royale on a ledge, try to lean into the ledge so that you slide on top of it. When you can do this – you've got the cess slide in your trick vocabulary.

Variations of the cess slides includes doing switchups – for instance fishbrain cess slide to royale cess slide. Even more popular is rotating while doing the cess slide – for instance starting in royale cess slide and rotating 720 degrees in the same position.

Have fun!


  • 1

    These are really cool to do little transfers from one obstacle to another. For Example: Royale a curb/ledge then slide onto the top of the curb (cess sliding), then jump onto a rail. Fun Fun Fun! :D

  • 2

    Do you need lots of wax to cess slide…. cuz i cant seem to get one in

  • 3

    I always use lots of wax…it's also easier to jump onto sumthing and cess than it is to do it on flat ground

  • 4

    It's also easier to learn on slick surfaces like marble, granite, tiles or heavily painted concrete.

  • 5

    i learned on my wooden deck, and one way to know if ur doin it right is if u have hardshelled blades, then the side of them will be either really scratched, or really glazd depending on the surface.

  • 6

    i disagree with the guy who wrote this tip. i think it would be easier to learn a cess slide first and then go into the grinds because it gets you used to sliding in the royale position.

  • 7

    WAX GOOD:)

  • 8

    how do u rotate i sorta got it on the unity cess by turning my head and my body followed but is there some other way,i try spinning my body with it but it doesnt work.:(

  • 9

    u only have to rotate 90 degrees for a cess slide so you just need to turn ur shoulders and turn ur legs with them. all rotation happens with ur upper body. if u can do a 180 a cess slide will be easy to get into.

  • 10

    yeah i been skating a week and i got em pretty easily i learned mine up a 3 set just be confident and not scared use alot of wax my biggets thing was not being confident i wouldnt fall

  • 11

    those look fun i should try one at tha park :D

  • 12

    didnt really get one but thats ok

  • 13

    i hate it:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  • 14

    doin nugen cess slides are like right up there with stylely tricks.. way cool to do!! one of my faves that gets noticed too is doin a sacked out rocket fishbrain cess slides.. i dont care whats old new blah blah blah.. B)

  • 15

    :D use lots of wax :D

  • 16

    keep your feet about shoulder width apart, and make sure that most of your weight is on your back foot. helps if your back foot stays under your ass too.

  • 17

    cess slide kick ass! i fucking love to toppornstar cess slide down a pyramid…fucking slide like hell

  • 18

    how do you cess a flat surface?

  • 19

    wax not good:(

  • 20

    dude how do you do cess slides whenever i try i just fall right on my face i play hockey and its the same thing y cant i do it on agroskates?:(

  • 21

    Because with hockey you do it on your wheels on agro you need to slide on your soulplates.

  • 22

    very stylish trics!awesome when you can do them 360 while sliding or 540 ,720

  • 23

    i can never do a royale and i dont kno y i guess i lean back too far

  • 24

    i dont kno how to do the spins do spin then go into cess sliding

  • 25

    damn those are fuckin hard when i do a royale i fall and i bend all the way down:(

  • 26

    go goddam fast, lean forward, and get your knees bent way the hell over, and keep your skate skinda loose

  • 27

    hmm.. i feel like this'll tear my boots up. Im gonna try to find a surface flat/smooth enough to practice this. That, or use a bunch of wax.

  • 28

    you are hella gay marlo if u were a true skater u wouldnt care abotu tearing your boots up your a woman stop skating

  • 29

    i used to think about messing up my skates then realized nobody has nice looking skates after a while of using them, so gave up on that… agro skates are made for it. and by the way, samtheman, thanks to you, the screens messed up. heh heh…

  • 30

    btw. i am a woman.

  • 31

    how the hell do u do royal cess slides i just fall

  • 32

    I only Cess on my K2 '03 Fatties. Yeah like I'm Gonna go for a 7 second slide on the skins of my $300.00 Remz 06'2s. You gotta be fricken crazy. And I'll keep my S6s on their wheels.

  • 33

    thay are so fun like big bum lmfaoB);):(:D:)

  • 34

    i do savannah cess slides,

    cuz negative side of my boot isnt very big

  • 35

    loosen up a bit. And howd you get 300 dollar remz?

  • 36
  • 37

    dude, cess are easy, i dont know what u guys are talkin bout. " i keep falling" " i dont know what to do"

    i did my first cess when i was 11 , right after i learned royale in 20 minutes

  • 38

    uh.. actually no. im just not made of money like a bunch of the wusses that go out and tear their shit up on crete do cess slides. Its a great looking trick tough. and trs , what are you a 13 year old? grow up poser.

  • 39

    CESS RHYMES WITH MESS!!!! :):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B):):D:(;)B) SMILEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 40

    dude lots of wax and try doin a ufo cess spin its really hard and fun

  • 41

    i didn't use any wax at all! I was just going out to skate on the vert(steel) when it started raining the vert was so slippy that i did an awesome faceplant.That's when i figured that it could be an advantage! so if there's a steel vert near you and it rained GO OUT AND TRY IT!

    at first it didn't work well but you just have to find your balance and don't be afraid!

    hope his helps someone! greetz:D

  • 42

    by enough wax cus you need it!!!:)

  • 43

    jim the cess slide king owns

  • 44

    Alright for those who dont understand how to do this (not people who cant, but people who dont understand what you do..) Slide across the ground sitting indian style on your blades. Like a grind with an invisible rail, sliding on the side of your souls. Jump onto some marble in indian position. You sllliiideeee.. That's cess.

  • 45

    how do i cess slide??? every time i do it i just fall on my side????

  • 46

    for clarity purposes:

    "Cess slide" typically refers to "royale cess slide" but can also mean others, such as farf, torque, backslide, unity, savannah, pornstar, etc.

    It's sliding on the sides of your souls and frames on a flat surface. DO NOT let your wheels touch the surface while sliding, otherwise you will find yourself sticking and receiving a concussion like I did when I was learning them.

    I learned them without wax. Wax will always help you slide further and faster. It will also save your skates some damage. Cessing doesnt need wax on reasonably slick surfaces. To eliminiate wheels sticking, crouch down more. This will make your feet want to bend more.

    learn on flat ground or something tall. flat ground = easiest but pretty painful to fall on. something tall = safer to fall on

  • 47

    so what the hell is this… u slide ur wheels or accross are u facing forward or sideward.. i know how to like manual and shit or idk get this!

  • 48

    how do you slide i cant get it pleasse help

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