There are many names for this trick. We prefer calling it fahrvergnugen, but other sources call it alleyoop royale, full torque, reverse royale. In the...

There are many names for this trick. We prefer calling it fahrvergnugen, but other sources call it alleyoop royale, full torque, reverse royale. In the beginning, it was only called fahrvergnugen, but I guess people couldn't figure out how to spell it. Just for you who doesn't know – 'fahrvergnugen' is German, and means 'driving pleasure' – and that is really what this grind is. It is one of the most stylish looking tricks you can do. In short terms it's also called a 'nugen'.

The fahrvergnugen is the opposite of a royale. Your front foot is grinding on the outside edge of your skate, and your back foot is like in a frontside.

When doing the fahrvergnugen, you have to keep all of your weight on your front foot, but keeping your body weight as backward as possible. If you don't lean backwards, your front skate will stick to the obstacle, and you'll stumble over your front foot. If you look straight down, your front foot should be a little ahead of the spot you're looking at.

It helps to keep your body pointing to the side instead of straight forward. If your body (chest) points straight forward, it'll twist your feet forward so they are not pependicular the the grindid object. So keep your upper body pointing the way that your feet points.

Getting the front skate low, so that it will ride on the outside frame and the outside boot as well, will result in more stability, since the skate will be locked to the obstacle. The trick is easier when you grind downhill; then it is easier to lock your skate like this. It is so much easier to maintain balance if you do the trick in lowrider style.

Many skaters prefer doing this trick backside. If you do so, you can get your knees in an angle of about 45 degrees, which will look better, and probably also easier for the majority. When you do it backside, remember to have your skates placed perpendicular on the obstacle, so that (especially your front skate) your feet won't slide into mizou position.


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    It also helps to have your shoulders a little backside to the ledge/rail, not turned completely backwards, just slightly.

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  • 3

    like far ferg nuggin

  • 4

    with a long u sound :)

  • 5

    the name sounds brillaint!!! forget the damn trick!

  • 6

    I love this trick :D

  • 7

    fuck dude whats the diff between this and a royale god it looks the fuckin same grrrrrrrrrr ahhhhh:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

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    dont mind the pics but im quite the artist ;)

  • 9

    front foot is grinding on the outside edge of your skate, is back foot gringing on outside edge too or on inside edge of your skate???

  • 10

    i love this grind!!!:D

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    Ok this is where my #%$!# German Class pays off. Alright the first part fahr is like FAR in FARther. The next part veris a little tricky. v is pronounced more like an f in german. so its more like fahrFerg rather then fahrVerg, and the erg is pronounced as it looks. nugen sounds wierd to say. the U is really deep like OOOps. when u say it its like that breakfast comercial cOOOOOOkie crisp, just not as long. so when u say nugen to the american ear it will sound like nOOgen. so fahrvergnugen in german is pronounced like farfergnoogen. :D:D:D:D:D:D your welcome!!!

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    the word means "joy of the ride" so for those of you that like this grind, its named right

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    Hey I have a question. I Frontside and Royale with my left foot in front. But I can't decide which is better for the fahrvergnugen. I mean my right foot is used to bending in the royale position so should I put my right foot in front for the farv? Please Help me

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    backside farv, this is my favourite trick never jump straight into a farv on a ledge. Because you will just stop and die. You can jump straight into a farv on rails though, it feels so nice and secure if you lock it in right. If you want to farv a ledge tweak a frontside or backside into one, it will still look good :)

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    one of my favourite tricks for sure…!!just love doing it…:D

  • 16

    just call them farfs…

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    pizza929 you use your left foot first on a full torque,just like me. also called backside full torque

  • 18

    pizza and grindmagic im also "right footed" and i have ankle probs in my left so its hard to bend it like that… so i prefer to backside it

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    a thing that works for me is to lean down and try to touch the rail while rocking ur hips forward towards the rail and jus be ready to catch ur self if u fall u proboly wont though

  • 20

    its impossible to fall on these, think about it. unless u hit a mis-placed elephant on ur way, ur not gonna fall on these. theyre piss easy. if u r havin problems tho undu ur buckles and lean bak, but not too much.

  • 21

    damn germans and their crazy ass words!!!!!!!

  • 22

    Hi im just in my first year of aggressive skating but have been playing inline hockey for 2-3years and can skate but can realy grind yet. I can frontslide and soul but now trying this. I am curious how to get my front skate lowered as explained…. Please help.;)

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    oooo ggoooodddd this is the smoothest most stylish trick i love it man you have to learn this trick its one of my favorite grinds but its really simple also ali-oop souls are really stylish too thats my fav grind to start long combos with cuz it looks so clean

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    and the difference between this and a royale is with a royale you tilt ur ankles and knees backwards and with this u lean them forward. at my skatepark we call these farve grinds and now i know why lol fahrvergnugen lol thats the truth this grind is so fun to just grind a really long rail once i grinded a 50 foot rail with this grind the whole way minus a phew feet but it was just awesome and pizza you should do fahrves the same foot forward as royales or else you will be doing it switch wich is much harder untill u get good like me (thanks to stephan and mitch for teaching me to skate street) and i can do switch front and back royales and farves oooo u know whats really fun, 270 to switch backside royale

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    whats it called when ur front foot is twisted just out of frontside, but the other is turned round so they make a v with the inside of your foot at the back and the outside at the front? i think i can do this, but i only have a ledge at my mums and i haven't been there for a week or so and i joined yesterday.

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    i call it a farv not a farveyufksgvkjvnjfj:D lol

  • 27

    OK this is how you pronounce it: fahr (like in fahrenheit) ver (pronounce it like you would pronounce "fer") gn¸ (gn and now pronounce the ¸ like the yu in you) gen (the g like in great not like generation)

  • 28

    i thought the farv was just front foot on the outside bullet plate/boot???? wots tht grind called then? this grind is sooooooo much easier than my farv!!!!! B)

  • 29

    I prefer to think of these as alleyoop royales

    basically i do them switch.

    my friend basically does a frontside and bends his skates forward

    i find it loads easier to do it switch

  • 30

    For me this trick is much easier on curbs then Royal. Yeah this trick is F####ng Stylish :D

  • 31

    this trick is so easy with yet such i hard name to say

  • 32

    Yeah.. really easy to do that trick, and twist your angles like that.. And then u need to say that name of the trick.. And easier to do it bakcside.. Yeah right, how really can even do that trick.. :D

  • 33

    "Your front foot is grinding on the outside edge of your skate, and your back foot is like in a frontside." Which means the back foot is on the h-block, like in a frontside or backside.

  • 34

    farf - short fˆr Fahrvergnugen….so simple is that bro!


  • 35

    i just call it a farf i mean nuggen, just deosn't sound right you know what i mean?

  • 36

    this is also known as a full torque and alleyoop royale duh… and you faceplant on this one if done wrong so you are supposed to do it low and foward unlike a royale, on a royale you fall on your ass like I have done many times… (learning…) and most of the time you are kinda distant from your legs not squatting ok one last try =0)=0)= royale… =(0=(0= nugen!!! royales are when your feet are grinding on the boot towards the back nugens have your feet planted towards the front hope that helps!

  • 37

    just call it a nugen… its much easier than fukergrooven! ;):D…

  • 38

    never do this like a royale- always bend from toe to head like a banana

  • 39

    The difference between this and the Royale is the direction of the ‘arch’ of your body. The Royale is basicly this trick backwards. Doing the Fahrvergnugen is when you arch your body towards the direction you’re grinding, Royale is opposite. Also the wheels of your skate point, more or less, towards the ground behind you, whereas the Royale grind points your wheels towards the ground infront of you.
    Also the correct way to say this trick is [Far Ferg Noo Gin]
    I learned this trick without even knowing what I was doing, about 6 months ago. I was attempting to backside the rail on the side of the sidewalk near the beach and I started to fall forward. That’s when my skates tilted forward and I leaned back. The tips this writer has provided is all you need for this trick. It’s extremely simple once you get the hang of it. My advice, normally getting lower makes the trick harder, but not for this grind. Getting low in this grind helped me and hopfully it’ll help you aswell.

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