Fastslides are somewhat hard. It's a grind with only the front foot. It shouldn't be in backslide position nor torque position – but st...

Fastslides are somewhat hard. It's a grind with only the front foot. It shouldn't be in backslide position nor torque position – but straight on. Here are a few tips that will help you to nail them:

Speed! Speed makes all tricks easier – fastslides are no exception.

Balance: Where most people fail on the fastslide, is where to put their balance. Compared to almost all other tricks, you have to lean so much more forward. My way of finding the balance is having the grinding leg straight. My upper body leans even more forward than the straightened out leg and my back leg compensates for that. In other words: my upper body is on front of the grinding leg and the non-grinding leg is behind the grinding leg trying to get the balance. So I bow my upper body down in front to keep the balance in front so I won't fall back on my ass. So the key is to lean forwards – more than you think. Practice on small things where you walk up into the grind.


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    I can't do fastslide on regualr rails, but i found that it is easy to transfer off of a quarter pipe, to another one that is right beside it, perpendicular, and do a fast slide on that coping. The trick is to go really really fast.

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    whats it called if u do it backside

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    a backside fastslide or i think its called a wonder r something

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    kuluntz- a torque... is a fastslide but leaning on the outside frame. Think of it as a farvergungen without the back foot on.

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    ah thanx

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    I cant just jump into them though. I do souls and then throw my weight forward and ride it out. its alot easier to learn that way but its switch so thats kinda cool too. when you get that down then you can jump into them. or if you want to do them regular just leanr backside torques really smooth and then jump into backside fastslide and its kinda easy, but a little easier then that is to do it down a slanted rail or ledge.

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    I thought this grind was EZ, i do it all the time.

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    i go to the rail with speed jump on it but my foot slides and my body doesnt go with it. tips anyone

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    I dont understand, it wasn't a problem for me…........

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    i agree with rollinginaustria…it really isnt all that hard…i think backslides are harder

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    it wasn' t problem for me to do fastslide it' s so easy… i do that for a first time i think

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    i can do it on anything…..that i can jump too. luckily, i getting new remz so i gonna be able to jump higher

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    what the hells the dif from a tourc.(spelling?)

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    I had been doing fastslides on the wrong foot for 2 years. I lock them and slide them more naturally on one foot, but I balance them a lot better on the other foot. I had never been able to fastslide handicap rails till I started doing it on my better balanced foot (makio/torque/backslide foot).

    Just stand right on top of the foot. Don't lean past it much or behind it much. If you lean past, you'll stick, and if there's grass or stairs underneath… you'll be laying on your face sometimes.

    Oh, and don't let your foot twist on rails, or it'll come off a lot faster too.

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