Fishbrains are considered one of the most stylish tricks out there – it is also one of the hardest to do, when you're not considering truesp...

Fishbrains are considered one of the most stylish tricks out there – it is also one of the hardest to do, when you're not considering truespin grinds, etc.. The fishbrain is a topside makio – in other words, you are topside souling with one foot, and grabbing the other with your hand.

Unlike the makio, this trick isn't as easy. When doing the makio, you can have your upper body over your souling foot – but that isn't possible when doing a topside – here you need to have your upper body to one of the sides of the obstacle…

If you are normally doing soul grinds by having the weight in the middle, this trick will fool you the first couple of times. If the weight is in the front, you will fall right on your nose. You need to lean backwards, so that your skate will not catch any scratches or holes in the obstacle you're grinding. If done alleyoop, you have to lean your weight on the toe, but not too much, or you will fall on your nose again!

When grinding rails and other things that goes down, be sure to have your souling foot in the same angle as the obstacle that is going down. If not done so, you will land on your heel, and if your skate locks in, you will fall backwards.

It is hard to stay on the rail for a longer time. If you are having troubles staying on the rail for more than 1 second or so, try to approach the rail with an angle of 20 degrees, so that you will kind of jump into the obstacle. If you miss the trick though, it will hurt real bad, since your souling foot will slide right over the obstacle if planted a little too high.

To learn the trick, you can think that you're going to land a farside makio – i.e. landing on the opposite site of the rail in makio position. When you've done that a couple of times, you can practise on getting low, so that your souling foot is 100% topside.

When doing the trick on halfpipes and quarterpipes, you need to lean out into the ramp a lot. This is the case with all topside tricks, but it's especially important when doing the fishbrain and the alleyoop fishbrain.

You can get low for style. The fishbrain is near always done by grabbing your non-souling skate. There are several different grabs you can do. The most used grab was the rocket fishbrain, but it has become too oldschool. If you want to get respect…the rocket fishbrain is not exactly a good trick to do. Instead, do a safetygrab or a crossgrab, etc.

When doing the alleyoop fishbrain, it is important that you lean backwards, but still having your weight on the soul foot.


  • 1

    it would be cool to have descriptions for those grabs in the grinds trick guide, i'm a bit confused.

  • 2

    im confused alot wit fishbrains….and topsides…ne one want to help??

  • 3

    C'mon guys this grind is EASIER then the makio!

  • 4

    fishbrain is pretty easy especially freestyle

  • 5

    fishbrains are mean when it come to holding your foot, not just the usual safety grab as mentioned, you can mute it parallel grab it etc almost any grab can be excuted when doin a fishbrain.. :)

  • 6

    how do you fishbrain or do anything in topside on a flat rail????

  • 7

    it took me one day to learn this grind…....i dont know how ne one can think its hard!!:D

  • 8

    its hard for me on halfpipes cause i have crap soul space n i just end up cess sliding:D

  • 9

    wats a topside explain with good detail i think i know wat it is but not sure.

  • 10

    .It's easyer than it looks!:D

  • 11

    easy trick. i can do em switch and regular (grabbed) on handicap rails like nothin.

  • 12

    how to do it:get on a vert ramp and act as if your going to do a air, but go slower. just stick your leg onto the coping. easy?


  • 13

    i struggle so much with fishbrains

    im a rail man

    so ive got a few p rails

    but its really hard to bend your body the whole way, i can do them on copings at my local park and shit

    but not on my rails

  • 14

    man oldschool is the way to go, I guess I'll get no respect cos the rocket fishbrain remains the grind that got me into the whole aggressive inline lifestyle XD

  • 15

    haha did this by accident went 2 do a makio and ma foot just slipped… :( but i cant do it agen

  • 16

    Hey, i accidently learnt this one by mistake. I set up me rail off the kerb so i could get extra speed for my makio, but i accidently jumped too far, and landed on the other side of the rail. I learnt that if u just jump from one side of the rail to the other, it teaches u how to get in position. Just try this and keep landing closer and closer to the rail. The next time, just put ur foot down before u land, so it goes on the rail ;)

  • 17

    these seem impossible, my weels keep rolling along the top of woteva im duin em on and my sk8s r undun completely. can any1 help?

  • 18

    fishies are really easy on quaterpipes – even easier done alleyoop :D

    I'm still not 100% comfortable with doing them on flat rails/ledges, but i'm working on it… i find the trick is to a) have really loose skates (mine are always as loose as they can go b) bend your souling leg out hepas so that your whole leg, not only your ankle, is almost parallel with the ledge/flat rail… this also lets you practice getting lower and lower until you eventually are able to sit on your skate while grinding – ultimate style!!! (be careful to stretch first hahaha :D)

  • 19

    Hey, booter had a good question!

    How DO you do topsides on a square rail? I can't lock on, always slip out of em….

  • 20


    ...MASSIVE Bruise on the top of my left leg near my hip from learning this trick! Make sure you lock on good!......

  • 21

    I really like this trick! Learnt it freestyle first (not grabbing anything) then went on to normal Fishbrain, then went on to getting down really low on the rail and kicking the foot out to Fishbone (Rocket Fishbrain). They feel and look MINT!

    I sk8 regularly with a mate of mine who is a much more acomplished sk8er than me and he can not get his head around this trick!

    Top Tip: Head at a slight angel towards the rail/planter/bench and make sure u spot the topside foot as much as you can as you jump. As soon as you feel the topside foot lock on, grab and kick and you will kiss your sk8s afterwards!

    Beware: I Topside with my left sk8 and i have a

  • 22

    Difficulty of tricks depends greatly on how often you do certian tricks. Fishbrains are typically viewed as a harder trick than makio. I find it easier to balance handrails on fishbrain than it is on makio. I find it harder to lockon though.

    rail is on the right, jump and throw left foot onto other side of the rail into makio position. keep your body on the left of the rail. If you are falling off the other side, you arent leaning in enough. Dont focus on jumping on top of the rail, just roll beside the rail and jump straight up, put one foot onto the rail while your body hangs off to one side slightly.

  • 23

    it says this trick is hard…but its fairly easy…give it 1 – 2 hours of skating it and you'll be doing it smooth

  • 24

    Topside: like a soul except your foot is bent more sideways instead of on top of the rail

    Fishbrain: think makio but topside

  • 25

    monkey walk fishbrain- THE most stylish trick

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