This is the first trick you should learn, and it's also the most basic trick as well. You can do this at any speed, so if you're learning,...

This is the first trick you should learn, and it's also the most basic trick as well.

You can do this at any speed, so if you're learning, approach the rail/curb at a slow speed. When you're near the rail/curb, keep your eyes on the obstacle on a specific spot, jump while turning 90 degrees in the air, and land on the obstacle in between the two middle wheels of your skates. If you do not spread your legs, your momentum will sweep you, and you will fall. It is much easier to land with your legs apart.

When you're grinding the rail, try to keep your balance in the middle, and above it, if it is a rail. When grinding curbs, you might have to grind at a 45 degree angle to the curb!


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    its so easy once you do it once

  • 3

    yes at first but once u master it is so easy and cool:)

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    this trick is easy nad can b cool in a good spot:)

  • 5

    sry 4 spelling mistake

  • 6

    wax it

  • 7

    ok, i just tot my self a new grind, and i don't no wat its called, its like a frontside, but my backfoot's toe is pointin da otha way

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    frontsides: jus jump, turn sideways, spread your feet 2 to 4 feet apart and slide. The most common problem is leaning forward too much. Let your knees bend to allow your butt to sit back more. Also, keep your back from bending over too much. If you're sticking on a ledge, it could be because of this.

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    hey sometimes i can do a frontside but sometimes i can even move or i will fall. any help on this;)

  • 10

    bustagind865: "That's back foot is front torque and front foot is backside – pretty hard, uncomfortable position but can look awesome." that sounds like you just swap the direction of ur toes, am i right? its sorta funny that they name it a byn soul when u dont even use a soul plate.:)

  • 11

    once i bought a grind rail i tried to grind and i got the grind the first time :D

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    Trusk8er: to learn this grind you need to master it in a stall. IF you can't hold the stall for more then 5 seconds then you won't be able to land it. Also speed is very important. If you are going slow your won't land it. Finally you must be parallel to the object to be grinded and jump 90 degrees. Hope this helped!

  • 13

    i didnt master the stall first.

  • 14

    i started on a little pipe, i just set it on the grass, and tried it. thats how i learn my grinds, xept now i use a rail i bot.

  • 15

    what is it called when your left foot is under you in royale pointing to the right and your right foot is in frontsidepointing to the left??? its kid of like a pornstar just instead of your front foot being soul its frontside.

  • 16

    the F to the R the U, the I T ok that was a little weird. fruitbooter721, hey man, thats a byn soul i think. where ur right is pointed left and vise versa. if u make the front foot like an acid its a unity:D

  • 17

    the humble frontside, twas me fav grind til i gots me some decent blades with royale grooves, goodbye frontsides.. but still remember how cool it felt.. espec comin off 270 then 450 for the first time.. memories..:D

  • 18

    i can frontside pretty well but how do u get used to leaning into a royale without slipping?? HELP!!:(

  • 19

    B) this probably wasnt a good idea at first but i did do it! my grind rail is 10 feet long (dad made it he welds) and i tried to frontside the whole thin on my first try and i actually did it without falling! amazin huh? im pretty good at alot of grinds especially lorider soul and royales

  • 20

    when i tried this grind, my front foot goes with my body but my back foot doesn't go as far. and by the time my back foot starts to move im almost at the end and i hop off. what should i do?

  • 21

    i really need to try but I dont want to try on my crappy curb. All the rails at the park are square and my rail has a big dent in it so I cant try. Is it harder to do on a square rail? :(

  • 22

    as long as you make sure the rails well axed n that you slide with your skates diagonally so your wheels dont rub n slow you down. if you have a freestyle wheel set up (or possibly anti rockers) you can not worry about your skates bein 45 degrees just jump on the rail n sliiiide!:D

  • 23

    oooo maria..maria easy

  • 24

    i hate this trick…when i jumping to the curb my skates keeping on and my body stay and than i falling on me back!:(

  • 25

    i so want 2 try this… but i dont dare to :(

  • 26

    ok for anybody out there that says that this is a hard trick to learn at all . . . you are wrong. i've been skating for about half a year and put on a pair of skates with a grind plate on them for the first time today and within 5 minutes i had done a frontside grind on the halfpipe at my local skatepark. so its not that hard

  • 27

    hmm… this trick seems kinda slippery…

  • 28

    anyway.. how wide must both your legs be?? estimate?

  • 29

    looking forward to practicing this tomorow!!!! :D

  • 30

    airbxgurl, u cud try some wax on your rail or closing the angle abit more so if you were to come parallel to the rail on the approach, give it a little 90 degree jump to land on. Try to turn the insides of your feet in as much as you can and you'l slide till the cows come home! Just watch your speed until you get the 90 jump sorted cos it hurts if your back foot takes out your front one!

  • 31

    god i have so much trouble doing frontsides, i feel like im gonna fall backwards. But i can do a soul, mizou and a pornstar, any help?

  • 32

    zero same shit happen to me. all u gotta do is get ur fear out of ur body. dont even think of fallen. trust me once u think u can do it, ull nail it right away

  • 33

    :D yea i just did it until my rail broke same as a makio and mizou and a fishbrain and a porn ive been skatin for so long and im just now gettin better

  • 34

    easy trick;)

  • 35

    i can do it … when i was begenner i begin with this trick :D its easy and cool

  • 36

    my feet slip out from underneath what am i doing wrong:(

  • 37

    this trick is damn hard…

  • 38

    How do you people actually get on the rails… I've only practiced on ledges and I can do Soul Mizou Acid Pornstar and Backside but I can't get the frontside.. I don't know how I can do Backside but I just can… How can I get on the rails and not fall off? and for Fronside I feel like I am going to fall backwards and I just cant feel the pain after I twisted my ankle on a 16 stair jump…

  • 39

    Yep thats shitty…

  • 40

    erRe0e if u lean ova the rail and try to touch it but dont then u should be able to balnce on it for a while jus have a friend help u and get used to the feel of the rail

  • 41

    hahaha i like looking back at this one! i broke my shoulder once doing frontside

  • 42

    please please please du not learn this by stepping on. i did cos id only been sk8in 4 about 2 weeks and its taken 2 months to stop. jump higher than u think u hav to and land on the rail as softly as possible. also land fakie, its alot easier.

  • 43

    When I wax up a curb and try a frontside, I grind a little but then my foot leaves the curb and I starts to go on the sidewalk instead of the curb. What am I doing wrong?

  • 44

    Should both foot use the inside edge or Right up ride on the curb? thx

  • 45

    hello tell wot to do:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • 46

    i started skateing like a month ago and i can frontside a ledge like 3 inches from the ground , but i cant grind a ledge any higher than like 5 -7 inches of the ground;)

  • 47

    hey im new, was wondering if u can grind with freestyle skates? and wondering if u can digivolve ur freestyle skates in2 aggressive by taking out the 2 middle wheels o i could grind but its hard to turn with the 2 wheels takn out?:)

  • 48

    man this grind is so damn hard with mooks

  • 49

    the problem i have with ths is that all there really is here are walls and when ever i jump on one foot always gets stuck and the other keeps going

  • 50

    I cant bring myself to do it…yet. i think its because, im scared, my h block wont hit the railings…

  • 51

    i need help on this trick . when i jump at on it at a good speed, but when i land on it my back foot keeps on sweeping me, and i just cant stand it anylonger falling on my ass to much. but im use to the pain. any suggestion??? anyone

  • 52

    couldn't you just wax your blades?

  • 53

    when i first tried that grind, i fell on my behind and hurt my tailbone, and i did spread my legs, wat shuld i do??:(

  • 54

    just a question, maybe wrong topic, but how old where u guys when starting "aggressive" inline??

  • 55

    just so everyone nos, u cant do grinds without aggressive sk8tes. maybe u can, but i cant.

  • 56

    Hey i am gotta start skatin again i stoped and havnt done it for over a year….even when i skated i never grined and now i want to learn….my friend said screw frontside i need to learn to torque my knee so i can do royale wut should i learn first?

  • 57

    hahahaha I ATE SHIT THE FIRST TIME I TRIED IT…i just completely made a fool of myself. :D

  • 58

    i hate this fucking trick…i cant do it and i keep eating shit…i slip do i do?

  • 59

    wtf is is called when you slide on both of ur inside plates with your knees bent in?

  • 60

    can you do this trick on a square rail? cuz i'm not really getting anywhere

  • 61

    i finally learned this grind, it's SO easy, and really fun when you get used to it:D

  • 62

    I cant do it i jump on and just dont slide its annoying ive been skating for 3-4 weeks and still cant do it!

  • 63

    this grind has got to be the easiest grind, i think its easier to learn than a soul grind or a mizou, the grind is what it is, i learned it in 2 minutes and it really wasnt that hard, the only thing ull find difficult with this trick is when ur grind a ledge, i find it easier to lean away from the ledge a little

  • 64

    This trick is so hard at first but once u get the hang of it its easy so if your struggling just keep trying.

  • 65

    Best to be moving fast at first forwards and jump 90 degrees onto the rail :D

  • 66

    Ive been grinding for 3 days the firs time i did a frontside i rlly didnt think i was gunna move so i didnt lean forward at all and slipped back landed on the rail and brused my leg…...LOL. now i can do it perfect.

  • 67

    its a fun grind and esay but don't underestimate them they can make a good trick vocbulare;)

  • 68

    I keep trying to do this grind, ive been practicing on concrete steps. When i try to jump on it my right foot goes on it the way its supposed to , but then my left seems to keep landing on the wheel or i get on the block for 2 sec and rolls to the wheel. Ive been thinking of just doing a frontside torque,thinking i would land my good foot instead of the bad 1. when i jump on the step doing a regular frontside , just to try and land it correctly , i can only hold myself ther for leik 2 sec cause it makes me feel as if im going fall back on my ass.

    Does wax matter, ive been using candle wax on the steps :P Any help anyone. TY

  • 69

    It's daunting.

    I say that from experience, starting with the first day I got my blades. I tried for about 15 minutes to grind on (unwaxed) curbs, and stalled, jumped onto grass or stopped cold. Problem was the lack of an angle/speed and the lack of wax.

    I've yet to successfully pull one off, but I hope today is the day. :) Hitting up the park. The trick looks sweet though.


  • 70

    Basically I know how to get the rail planted between the 3rd wheel, but when I try to keep balance without sliding and falling backwards. More friction maybe?

    and you know ledges, not like a rail where it isnt surfaced on anyside, well, how do you plant and grind ledges. do you have to do like a soul grind, or is it possible to still do like a royal or frontside on ledges?

    help please. I'm a rookie. I'm starting with rails. Just got done with heights and landing firmly, sort of, lol. help maybe? thanks.

  • 71

    I hate this trick its soooooo hard! can nebody give me any tips please

  • 72

    Yesterday when I tried this, my left leg flew under my right and i fell directly on my leg on my rail. Now I'm afraid to try it again. How can I prevent this from happening again?

  • 73

    do you guys have any tips on grinding handrails

  • 74

    i need help( email me)

    i need help on stalls, and the purpose of anti-rocker wheels

  • 75

    hey, can u do this without aggressive skates because i have barly any room between my wheels

  • 76

    whats up every one im new!

  • 77

    i cant seem to do this on a squre block, i always fall off wot should i do?

  • 78

    Hey i cant do these but i can do outer sole slides ans souls and that other slide where ur sole foot is infront of the other one, sept i cant do these, who can help me? BTW i usually cant do it cos my back foot wont move or my feet move too fast an i fall on my ass.

  • 79

    yeah now i can do it on a 10 foot rail


  • 80

    i tried it yesterday but its so hard first time cuz i fall everytime on that rail dude . and believe me, its not funny to sit down like an hour with pain in ur back…

  • 81

    i just tried it today and i fell on my ass

  • 82

    I love frontsides. The best part of them is trying big rails and not REALLY worrying about getting hurt. I never cleared a long hand rail but its fun trying.


  • 83

    yeeeeeeeeeees i can do it once you master it its incredibly easy

    thx 4 the tips!

  • 84

    practice jumping with two feet and landing with two feet after that try a 90 degres its easy try it on grass lean forward a bit wen u get on the rail that works someimtes

  • 85

    yes i have it's a realy fast rail.

    I tried again but it didn't work

    i have problems with getting my second foot on the rail.

  • 86

    have u waxed it ???

    or u might need a little more speed ;)

  • 87

    yesterday i could do it on a box and stuff but i can't seem to mention to do it on a there anything else about doing it?

    give me some suggestions please.


  • 88

    Man i just started grinding today and i got it on my first try Its easy just keep waxing it~~:D

  • 89

    heeey everyone. i need so much help on this trick. whenever i jump up on my rail i bought i stall but dont slide at all or fall forward. i approach it at about a 45 degree angle. any suggestions.

    -airbxgurl aka skater chik

  • 90

    ok i actually got off vert and tried grinding today. I set a pipe in the grass and tried it out. now i have a pair of grass stained jeans. my feet keep flying out from under me i land on my backlike this o / / / / / __ ......

  • 91

    yeah royales are a hell of alot more stylish but this is the first step in doin royales

  • 92

    personally i like royale way better

  • 93

    Kyluntz, that's called a Byn Soul. Try Topside Byn Soul if you are comfortable. That's back foot is front torque and front foot is backside – pretty hard, uncomfortable position but can look awesome.

    Frontside, Miszou, Makio, Pornstar, and Soul are the most common grinds people learn first. It depends on the person as to which they learn first. I learned frontside, then soul, then royale, then more…

  • 94

    i just started skating and i learned this trick in around 25 min. but sometimes on a curb i dont really move, or only 1 foot will move, nebody have advice on y

  • 95

    once i tried to grind a few times i got it

    its really freakin easy

  • 96

    So freakin easy

    Once i could do this i could do backsides!

  • 97

    Can some one please help me, its only my frontfoot there i grinding, the backfoot isnt moving at all!

    pls help, and either post message in here, or send me a email i you can fix my problem


  • 98

    isit easier to do on curbs or on rails?

  • 99

    Thanks a lot for sharing your tips here. I really like it.

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