Kindgrind is another name for an alleyoop topside mizou, or an alleyoop sweatstance, although the kindgrind was 'invented' before the sweatst...

Kindgrind is another name for an alleyoop topside mizou, or an alleyoop sweatstance, although the kindgrind was 'invented' before the sweatstance.

I found it a lot easier to practise sweatstances before I did the kindgrind, especially because I wasn't good at topsides. The sweatstance is really easy, so when you have got that, you just go backwards instead. When doing this trick on halfpipes and quarterpipes, it is not a big change from going backwards or forwards, but when you're going down a rail, this is a little harder. I find it easiest to launch the trick with a 180 off the ground – in that case you can spot your landing. Be sure to keep your upper body as much over the rail as possible, having in mind that your soul foot should be topside. This will make you keep your balance, and you can bail out – if you're loosing your balance.

You can put the weight practicly anywhere, since this trick is a 'well balanced' trick – it will not sweep yourself away if you lean the wrong way, although I prefer putting my weight on the souling foot. If your back foot is perpendicular to the rail, you have to put your weight on the souling foot. When done on halfpipes, quarterpipes, and curbs/ledges, you can't have your upper body directly over the obstacle. You need to have an angle of about 45 degrees.

Especially when doing rails and ledges that goes downhill, it is important to have your souling foot as far back as possible, so that it won't sweep your momentum away.

When skating street, it is easier to head straight for the obstacle, and then turn 180 degrees around, instead of approaching the obstacle in a circle, and then turning only 90 degrees while jumping out into the obstacle. When you do this, it is easier to maintain the balance throughout the whole obstacle.

Read the guide to mizous for tips on style.


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    that is hard shit dude but is stylish:D

  • 2

    i need a girlfriend any girl want to be myne:DB)

  • 3

    i have one ha

  • 4

    just trying to piss u off but i do have one

  • 5

    its the stylish trick out there, im hoping i can nail it in the near future, peace

  • 6

    this trick looks real nice if u get really low!!!!and if u fastslide into it:)

  • 7

    yah ive tried it and that bitch is hard and once ,by accident, i did an alley-oop backside royale…IS THAT NORMAL?????!:D

  • 8

    I landed this trick 1st time but it took me a while to get it down stylish

  • 9

    KIND GRIND[/url]

  • 10

    any 1 from RI or any where near i have no 1 to sk8 with and it sux roll4trs12690 is my aim

  • 11

    cant u do a regular backside the slam ur right foot on its soul?(not in torque soul position)?

  • 12

    its alot easier to get into the grind if you rotate onto your frame foot first and then soul if you are missing your soul after the spin.

  • 13


  • 14

    skater 54 i cant believe ur trying to find girls on the trickguide i dont care if it was a joke…i hate you

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