Makios look good, and they are easily mastered, if you have learned the basics as soul grinds. Basicly, a makio grind is just a soul grind, but you lif...

Makios look good, and they are easily mastered, if you have learned the basics as soul grinds. Basicly, a makio grind is just a soul grind, but you lift the non-souling front foot. Preferebly, it is also grabbed with one of your hands. I'll give you some tips if you just can't get the trick down:

If you are normally doing soul grinds by having the weight in the middle, this trick will fool you the first couple of times. If the weight is in the front, you will fall right on your nose. You need to lean backwards, so that your skate will not catch any scratches or holes in the obstacle you're grinding. If done alleyoop, you have to lean your weight on the toe, but not too much, or you will fall on your nose again!

When grinding rails and other things that goes down, be sure to have your souling foot in the same angle as the obstacle that is going down. If not done so, you will land on your heel, and if your skate locks in, you will fall backwards.

You can get low for style. The makio is near always done by grabbing your non-souling skate. There are several different grabs you can do, for instance the rocket makio – your none-souling skate is held straight out, safetygrab makio – you just grab your non-souling skate with hand of the non-souling foot's side, etc.

UPDATE: Since the mindgame video 'Brain_Fear_Gone' introduced the freestyle makio in 1999, the freestyle makio has been the preferable kind of makio. A freestyle makio is a no-grab makio. For style, please have both feet leveled – having the non-souling foot lower than the souling foot is a little bit too lazy.


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    For another variation, put your free foot on top of your souling foot. Kinda like a makio christ-grind. I've heard it called a death-soul, death-grind, or crusuffix.

  • 2

    i thougt this was easy:D

  • 3

    the easyist grind ever i learnt it before i could frontside

  • 4

    this grind is easy, i sometimes end up doing it by accident when i fuck up on souls and shit:D

  • 5

    i like it:D

  • 6

    I DON'T GET the difference between a makio and a fishbrain, they're the same thing!

  • 7

    a fishbrain is when yur foots more sideways and ur grinding on the frame its lot harder!

  • 8

    This trick is easy, but it looks sweet

  • 9

    Thisis the only grind i can do….

  • 10

    i did the freestyle makio today in front of the bank by accident it was fucking awesome….i hit the ledge lowrider and cruised all the way to the end.B)B)B)

  • 11

    very easy, firs grind I was able to do! ;)

  • 12

    its nice as long as u put stlye into it

  • 13

    Yo…while i was trying this trick…i kinda made up a new grind by accident…it is like the makio but u r grinding on ur back sole of ur skate and the grind plate of ur skate…it still slides like butter but when u look down at the skate, it is like in the topside position…..if anyone seen or heard of this trick…response:D

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    whenever i try to makio i always fall forward… as soon as i get on the rail i just stop…..what do you guys think just wax it up more?

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  • 16

    it's grabbed.....

  • 17

    These are so easy I only started 2day and these are so much easier than frontsides!!!

  • 18

    This is probably one of the easiest tricks to do on handrails, but for some reason I can't do it on a quaterpipe:( I can get into the grind and stuff, but then I go over onto the flat part above the qp, not into it. Any tips on how to land it???

  • 19

    i dont no bout use but i could makio and fishbrain way before i could frontside…... i learnt it accidentally when i was trying to soul….. and i realised i did a trick:D

  • 20

    freestyle makio

    easy n fun

  • 21

    i got a ? if i do all my soul grinds like pornstars on my right instead of left is it the same

  • 22

    wtfs a back sole?

  • 23


    only crucifish if it's done fishbrain (topside)

    so it's a DeathSoul?

  • 24

    Actually cnadianskatta99 a fishbrain is a topside makio.

  • 25

    my first ever trick…..only i use the right blade to grind instead of the left

  • 26

    just like the fishbrain you can excute different grabs not just the usual safety grab, muting or paralleling can make it look interesting.. but then it depends on personal preference..

  • 27

    when its like a christ grind kinda its called a crucifish

    oh yeah it's easy (not the crucifish, the makio)

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