The Mistrial is a mizou with the back foot in royale position. In other words, the back foot is grinding on the outside frame and outside boot as well....

The Mistrial is a mizou with the back foot in royale position. In other words, the back foot is grinding on the outside frame and outside boot as well.

It is important to put as much weight as you can on the front foot, and lean forwards. If not, you will fall backwards and hurt yourself really bad. This can be hard in the beginning if you're used to doing mizous and sweatstances. Since it is hard to bend your back foot so much that it is resting on the outside frame and boot, you almost have to make the back skate touch the front souling skate. This is critical to your balance, since you have more balance the wider your legs are apart.

When done alleyoop, you have to put a lot of weight on the souling foot. When grinding alleyoop and going down a rail or something like that with an angle greater than 0, you have to lean backwards, but still have your weight on your soul foot. See 'Alleyoop Tricks' for more information.

For style, bend down as low as possible. Be careful that the mistrial foot does not push the soul foot, since it will sweep your momentum.

An alleyoop topside mistrial is called a 'Misfit'


  • 1

    I love doin the misfit down stair rails. i feel so kickass cuz none of my friends can do it :)

  • 2

    awsome, I can do a "misfit" across a 15 foot kink rail!!!!!!:D I go all the way across then down

  • 3

    i need a girl friend any 1 want to be myne:D

  • 4

    nope, sorry. (?)

  • 5

    heck no!

  • 6

    These are so fun and if done right they look as sick as a kind grind.

  • 7

    it is like mizou?

  • 8

    :DAO down a 75 foot ledge in nycB) thts wat i like 2 call skillsB)

  • 9

    Bah, I keep leanin back too much… I work on it later…

  • 10

    why does everyone bum misfits?

    i prefer sweatstance :P

  • 11

    misfits ALWAYS look sicker than kind grinds! hands down!

  • 12

    For those of you who don't know. A misfit is an Alleyoop Topside Mistrial. Obviously Mr. Petty knows.

    I like doing different stuff from my friends too.. everyones into kindgrinds, but misfits and alleyoop top porns vary that.

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