The mizou can be one of the most stylish tricks there is, but if done the wrong way, it looks really dull! It is also one of the easiest tricks you can...

The mizou can be one of the most stylish tricks there is, but if done the wrong way, it looks really dull! It is also one of the easiest tricks you can do, some people even say it is easier than the soul grind.

Put your weight forward on the soul foot. Try to get as low as possible to add style – so that the non-souling foot is grinding on the inside boot and not the frame. To maintain balance, turn your body as you would with a backside. Otherwise, you will not be able to keep the trailing foot in the same position.

There are many ways to make this trick stylish. Some like to have the trailing foot perpendicular to the obstacle your grinding, some like it, when the soul foot and the trailing foot are placed close together – some like it the opposite way, with the trailing foot as far away as possible from the souling foot.


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    i dont know about the rest of you poeple but i find this the easyist one!!!!!

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    whats the diff between this and a pornstar?? are the back foot both on the h block.. does it madder what side im on ( right or left) i prolly wont be back here so ne tips IM me on aim Timmaaay1717

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    Pornstar is when your backfoot is sliding on the backslide plate, not on the inside of the boot. This trick is harder than switch souls!

  • 5

    this stuff is basic…

  • 6

    i dont know what it is about this but i find it sooooooooooooo easy!!!!

  • 7

    ya im a begginer and i can do it easy:) but all i can do it on is a corner or a square rail, and tips for a round one? shud i topside my souling foot?

  • 8

    you tell me man i suck

  • 9

    when i do mizous my soul foot slips off an its fuckin annoyin souls more fun

  • 10

    im a male do any of you girls want to be myneB) i like to have fun:D

  • 11

    ummm dude….last time i checked this was a sk8ing site not online dating….

  • 12

    oh the good old miszou.. doin them almost practically standin up, to just laxing.. they are nice if you just laze out, i reckon anyway.. can easily slide for awhile too.. :D

  • 13

    ohh yeah.. its pronounced as.. miz.. zoo.. ;)

  • 14

    mak ee oh. i, there like the easiest curb grind

  • 15

    so easy!!!

  • 16

    What if your right foot gring on its exterior soul and the left one on is H-Block? is this still a mizou?

  • 17

    sure it is dude it's the same thing

  • 18

    I find mizou much more easyer then any other grind:)

  • 19

    first trick,,,,,

  • 20

    mizou is so easy for me i can alley oop into it true spin and 360 into it B)

  • 21

    i love this trick even tho i dont really do it because its to easy to do:(

  • 22

    i have duck feet so i cant soul but this one is so easy

  • 23

    does it matter if you have your right or left foot first? stupid question i know, but im "new" to rollin

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    this trick is fun when you switch it up to a royale then to a fishbrain

  • 25

    it is so easy trick i have ride 1 day and i do it easy:)

  • 26

    i love this trick! it makes me look really good at grinding but im shit! i find it so easy because my souling foot doesn't get pushed off by the other lol. i can't soul still!

  • 27

    haha i love this trick im so excited cause i jsut learned how to do it today…i cant do the soul grind tho..I dk? help? it just slips out (my soul foot) later


  • 28

    this si probly the easyest trick ever

  • 29

    then how is makio pronounced….? ive heard it like MAKO but i dont think thats rite

  • 30

    so easy

  • 31

    How is this really spelled? I've seen it a few different ways. And how is it pronounced? I'm quite confused on that matter!

  • 32

    hey im sorta a newbie….can i get some tips…..IM me at elliminater

  • 33

    I do this with the feet in reverse. is it still considered a mizou?

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    alright…well i learned soul first, so this is kinda tough for me. idk y but everytime i try this something else goes wrong. most of the time though it’s just that i’m not turning my body to a good position, so then my non souling foot can’t really get on…any tips? And right now I’m having the feeling that if I try and learn tru mizou it might actuall be easier…

  • 35

    Is it bad if i do all of these but reversed?

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