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Neighborhood: Like a frontside, except you turn your back foot's toe to point in instead of out. (Front foot is frontside, back foot is backside) ...

Neighborhood: Like a frontside, except you turn your back foot's toe to point in instead of out. (Front foot is frontside, back foot is backside)

Start by going to the rail as if you were going to do a soul or topside soul – depends on if you're doing it frontside or backside, leap onto the rail and at the last moment turn your back foot another 90 degrees. Make sure you legs are far enough apart that you can make a firm base for your body, and bending your back leg would be a good idea.

Tabernacle: This trick has different names: Darkslides and Roughgrinds are the same – it's when you do a tabernacle with your boots grinding on the boot's grooves rather than the frames. Tabernacles are when you're grinding on the frames.

Jump up into the trick, like you would do with an acid or topside acid, but turn your back skate another 90 degrees so that the toe of your back foot points on the opposite direction of your front foot. Your weight should be in the middle of the two skates, just like with a good old frontside or backside.

The tricky party about the tabernacle and the neighborhood grind is the difficulty you'll have when trying to keep your legs locked in the position. So do everything you can to keep them locked.

Trainingwheel: The training wheel is probably the most oldschool and lousiest trick you can do, but if you're making fun of old skate movies, and generally oldschool skaters, this is the trick that will make people laugh! The trick is like a soul grind, but instead of grinding with your front foot, you place it on top of the obstacle you're grinding on the back wheel, so that the front foot is rolling on top of the obstacle. Obviously you can't do this trick on rails, but only on curbs, ledges, quarterpipes and halfpipes.

Wheel Barrow: Another oldschool trick is the wheelbarrow. It's a little harder than the training wheel. Your back foot is in royale or backslide position, while your front foot is rolling like you do it with the training wheel. Oldschool, oldschool, oldschool trick!!!

Rough Grind: The front foot is souling – but only on the heel! The front of the soul is lifted up. The back foot is as it would have been with a mizou. So actually it's just a mizou with the front foot only grinding on the heel.


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    Nine Bar Almost the same as a Wheel Barrow with a few diffrences; your lead foot (front) is in torque position, your back is as in a soul, but rolling on top with the front wheel.

  • 2

    I found a neightborhood is much easier done alley-oop, it's like an alley-oop xgrind, exept you "miss" the x position, wich makes your front foot land in soul position and your back foot in pornstar position..

  • 3

    ahh they forgot the Pudslide, Cabdriver, Mary Poppins i think where your grinding both on the positive soul but your heels together, and the opp one doin the same but toes together, forgotten its name.. im sure theres more i dont know..

  • 4

    Man the tabernacle is actually a really easy trick and it is easy to balance.

  • 5

    I love these tricks they are cool, hey Bring OLD SKOOL BACK lol

  • 6

    I did this on accident the first time, lol, and this is the first time ive checked this page. ive been wondering what its called forever, lol.:D

  • 7

    what happend to all the mortal combat grinds.?

  • 8

    I think two things were forgotten, I don't know if they are anywhere else on the site: A Cabdriver/Cowboy, where your lead foot is in the fahrvergnugen position, and the back foot is in the royale position. Also forgot a Hobo. It's an alley-oop Nine-Bar.

  • 9

    um i was thinking about something pretty crazy, like alter a set of wrist guards a bit so you could latch on to rails or w/e and do a handstand grind, givin you'd need a lot of off skate training i think it could work, maybe. feedback please

  • 10

    same here

    tried to do a soul

    ended up doing a tabernacle for along time

    frikin sweet

  • 11

    the only grind that i can see that they forgot is the Full Torque. that trick is p-i-m-p bizatch! lol

  • 12

    i did a trick today but i dont know what its called, i had both negs on and my feet were pointing opposite ways can someone tell me what this is called

  • 13

    without old school, there would be no new school….show some respect….....

  • 14

    you forgot christ slides. they dont really count though

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