The position of your feet is somehow like a mizou: Your front foot is in soul position, and your back foot is grinding on the outside boot or frame. ...

The position of your feet is somehow like a mizou: Your front foot is in soul position, and your back foot is grinding on the outside boot or frame.

Once you've got it, there is not much to it. The hardest part of the trick is landing it – once you've locked in, it isn't a big problem to do the whole obstacle. You have to concentrate on having all your weight on your souling foot.

The typical beginner mistake is that the skater can't judge exactly how high up the obstacle is, or is concentrating too much on the soul foot – putting all the weight on the soul foot, and therefore having the soul foot lower than the trailing foot when landing. – The typical thing that goes wrong with this trick is the soul foot being too low when trying to land the trick. Solution: Jump higher!

When grinding downhill on curbs and ledges, you need to have your soul foot longer up the obstacle than your head is. You also need to lean backwards.

The pornstar is good for doing long curb grinds, since some find it easy to use the trailing back foot to balance the grind. The back trailing foot enables the skater to lean more into the curb.

When it's a topside pornstar, some people call it a 'Sunny Day', and when it's a alleyoop topside pornstar, some people call it a 'Cloudy Night'.


  • 1

    this is my fav grind

  • 2

    yea nice grind easy too

  • 3

    i need to try that

  • 4

    hard shit yo:) i need a girlfriend does any girl want to be myneB)

  • 5

    I thought that alley-oop it was a pornstar and forwards it was a sunny day…

  • 6

    this is like the first grind i learned its so fun to do even after u get better tricks

  • 7

    easy @$$ grind m0therfvcker

  • 8

    hmm letsee…...ok-i can do this grind semi-good on a ledge but i do it like a leftie and i do the same with makios and i dont think thats rite…...............

  • 9

    this trick looks really good throw an ao in there….styleB)

  • 10

    this grind is awesome… looks sweet comin down a handrail :D

  • 11

    dude this grind rocks i do it all the time in skaters faces when they call me,cory, and andy fruit booters. they just hate us cause we can catch more air do cooler grinds and gap anything

  • 12

    y do u call them skaters theyre skateboarders were the skaters duh!;)B)

  • 13

    this is f* easy.. and its very nice:D

  • 14

    I love the name its so origional LOL, but has anyone heard of the LA Pornstar, cause I think i have on tv or something

  • 15

    i learned pornstars last week and they are awesome…...then i went back to the same skatepark and started doing disaster pornstars over a pyramid…..its fucking awesome….pornstar is my new warm up trick…..

  • 16

    i did my first handrail this week,i learned it in pornstar!sooo cool!

  • 17

    easy and fun. :)

  • 18

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw i like it it very cool

  • 19

    when you're learning to grind very high obstacles do it in pornstar! it's way easier then soul or smthn!

  • 20

    this grind is so fun:)

  • 21

    do em topside kids!

  • 22

    i need quick help with this grind, i cant seem to twist my back foot good enough for this grind….anything i need to do??a few stretches or something?please help thanks

  • 23

    I <3 this grind :D

  • 24

    some how i learnt to do a unity with this grind aswell cus i over twisted my soul foot and landed unity. yay:D

  • 25

    I suggest to the noobies to do a Mizou then bring on your back foot in pornstar position B)

  • 26

    Yeah just learning to do pornstars and they do are nice.

  • 27

    dude soul is like the easiest grind out there

    but since im still beginnin i have trouble with the tricks with soul foot at the front—-i can never balance properly

  • 28

    Why is it called a pornstar?

    I just started trying it tonight lol, it's hard to do it crouched on a rail that's only 6 feet long, and 6 inches tall XD

  • 29

    my favorite, favorite grind!!!!! ao and topside too!

  • 30

    i love this grind

  • 31

    This and the miszou was the first and easiest grinds to learn.. But I think this is the most easier trick to get the right balance cause u can crouch as much as u like.. Easy and also nice..

  • 32

    That's the first grind I do if i try a new rail..

  • 33

    i can do it at TOPSIDE :)

  • 34

    I¥m gonna try

  • 35

    its hard 4 me to get my lock in for that trick it looks soooo…. sick though

  • 36

    is there any things i need to work of to perfect this trick (i have remz if it helps any) please let me know what u suggest; )

  • 37

    any tips i cnt seem to get my back foot twisted. how can i do it better:

  • 38

    Everybody likes this trick because of its name LoL.

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