Royale is a variation of the frontside grind. Your front foot is like in a normal frontside, but your back foot is grinding on the outside edge. To do ...

Royale is a variation of the frontside grind. Your front foot is like in a normal frontside, but your back foot is grinding on the outside edge. To do so, you need to bring your back foot in, and push your ankle over, so that you ride on the outside frame, – you might ride on the outside boot as well.

Lots of skaters practise the royale by landing in frontside, and then slowly switching to royale, but this kind of practise will not make you any better, you’ll just have to relearn the whole trick from scratch. The landing is the most difficult part about this grind – when you have landed in the right way, nothing will get you down from the obstacle!

Try to keep your weight in the front as much as possible – otherwise your momentum will sweep you away. Land with as spread legs to keep the balance, and then lean forwards, but not specifically on the front foot. When learning the royale, you can lean as much weight as possible in the front, and then just keep the back foot trailing afterwards in the royale position. When you get the feel of the royale grind later, you can put weight on the back foot. When you do so, it is easier if you grind on the frame AND on the outside boot. This will lock the skate to the position.

If you look straight down on your skates, your back foot should be a little behind the spot you’re looking at.

Like all other tricks, this trick looks best when you’re as low as possible.

For some skaters, the royale is really hard, but for others, it comes naturally. For those who think it’s hard, well…just keep practising, because it will get there if you just try hard enough. When you’re an experienced ‘royale grinder’, the next thing you should learn is the backslide!


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    i was wondering if it is easier to learn a royal on a curb or a rail

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    It is easier to learn on a "rail" if by rail you mean a 10' section of pipe lying in the grass. I personally don't recomend learning any grinds on anything taller than 2'.

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    for all you people that have trouble royale ing on curbs, try shitting on the curb or your backslide plate.

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    nah a royale is on both backslides. I learnt to do them by just doing them like a frontside. thats all they are. I did them first try :D

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    For some reason learning backside royales came much easier. I will slide out of a a frontside royale sometimes.

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    yeah a 180 royale needs skill to do and i'm having trouble any tips on it?

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    its easier to 180 royale with pratice on a curb.. ive learned not to try to learn on a rail:(;)

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    wait…if a royale is with both skates sliding on the outside frame and boots then how the heck would u do it? ur ankles would be both rolled to the side.. how would u keep urself up without fallin down with both ur ankles leaning on the rail/ledge/curb???? plz help me im confused :(

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    imagine doing a frontside, then tipping your feet a bit.

  • 10

    people, are you crazy? only the back foot rolls in in a royale, thats it, the front foot goes like frontside. if you roll both your ankles it's called a cowboy or something it's a completely different thing, nobody even does that anyway.

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    i like doing it on skatepark square rails. i can do that easier then on like coping blocks and stuff. but i always seem to slide out onto my hip and stuff, or i go into frontside?! ne ideas what 2 do to help that out?

  • 12

    i cant do them coz it really really really hurts my ankle when i try to hold them my nakle feels like its getting big uber cramp and then it goes numb and i fall out of them that happens in like 2/3 seconds, anyone know anyways that i can build my ankel muscle up?

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    I think what hey are trying to say is your front foot is striat up and your back foot is sliding on the bootish area. Correct me if im wrong

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    I think what hey are trying to say is your front foot is striat up and your back foot is sliding on the side of the boot area. Correct me if im wrong

  • 16

    woops sorry for the double click , Wasn't sure if it sent it:(

  • 17

    I tried and I tried to get this royale grind down, but my back foot will just not go down on it's side! Every time I try my back feet sweep out from under me. should I loosen my skates? or whaT??

  • 18

    but how do you know if its a darkside royale or just a royale?? ive been told that in a royale only your back foot is on the frame and in a darkside is with both on the frames. but sometimes i look at a pic and it says royale but both feet r on the frame…SOME ONE HELP MWAH!!!!!!!!!:(:(:(

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    yeah my foot doesnt bend naturally into the royale but it bends on the switch position which is weird.but if you practice it for a while then you'll eventualy start bending into it regularily. but i want to get the farf position.

  • 20

    my foot bends into it gradually but i still have some trouble every once and a while….

  • 21

    My feet don't want to royale for some reason. I jump up onto a rail and either i attempt and completely collapse or i automatically just do a frontside. Can someone help me? :(

  • 22

    i alwalys slip and die. i think its because i have no backslide plate to balance on lol

  • 23

    I still cant flippen do it.Can somone help?

  • 24

    let me get this straight is a royale with the backfoot on its side and front foot in frontside position or both feet on theyre sides. if those are 2 differnt moves can u plz give me the name for them and description.

  • 25

    Royale is f*ing hard and hurts a lot.:(

  • 26

    realy realy realy i like it … im pro. with this trick :D

  • 27

    try watchin sum1 du em 1st

  • 28

    i tried this the other day and found it really hard without wax . i think grinding on a kerb is harder than grinding on a rail . i kept going into it too slow so i would only go for a little while . i also kept landing bad , where one of my feet would wouldnt land on the edge on the kerb . also i kept positioning my weight all wrong . the back foot wouldnt move for some reason . i got some wax but …

  • 29

    You are going to have a hard time if you grind a curb without wax. However, there is a better way to make curbs slide: you need wax, clear acrylic spray paint, and concrete mason's brick rub (optional). If you have the brick rub, file the curb until it's a smooth surface. Then dust off the curb. Then take the acrylic spray paint, and spray the curb. Buy the quick drying type so it will dry in about ten minutes. Once the paint is dry, wax the curb to your liking. It grinds smooth and fast.

  • 30

    I'll never learn this trick but if i do i make sure its a pipe on grass lol….i keep on falling to my arse4eva.

  • 31

    forget that question lol

  • 32

    sorry the link messed up, its

    but yes my question is above
  • 33

    I was looking at this pic i was just wondering how is this a backside and not a fronside. is it because he is turning his front skate inwards instead of his back? im just wondering just so that i know when i do them. thnx

    heres the pic: xxx

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  • 35

    try farfenugens first thats how i learned

  • 36

    just make sure your rail doesnt have any big gashes in it.ok

    also if it helps, jump on the rail frontside first and then switch to royale while your grinding and once you get used to it then try jumping on royale:)

  • 37

    Satan…ARE U RETARDED?! Royal you slide with both skates on the sides(Bs Plates side of your frame) when doing this trick you need to come in straight, if u want you can come in at an angle Jump,Turn like you are doing a frontside,but while in the air flip you skates on their sides,land on the objects with your body over your skates,leaning forward and your legs spread confortably apart. Remember to keep your weight evenly distributed,commit to the trick,slide it out and roll out, Ps. When getting to the end of …o say a bench stay low and dont lean back or u will go into fastslide. If you have enough speed u should shoot right off the end,I like comming off fakie. If you dont have enough speed bring your legs up and come off*or jump off before your front foot comes off the end. Peace. Cody

  • 38

    i'm having trouble doing them…i can stall o n them, i just cant grind…when i skate up to the curb, and land it…my feet sweep from underneath me

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    DOM182, square rails are the same as ledges unless they're as skinny as a circle rail. Then you can grind them like circle. Square rails arent as big of a deal as people make them be. One of my learning rails is a 13 stair square tube rail.

    if you go off to one side, sit back more. If you come off early, put more weight towards your toes.

    The thing people do too much with royales on handrails is they want to come off on the other side of the rail too early. You dont want to jump onto the rail, you want to jump parallel to the rail and place your feet on top. your feet and knees and shoulders should be over the rail, while the rest of your body hangs off on the inside.

    Don't bend your back over too much, or it'll cause you to come off early. This causes most problems with going over the rail. Also, look down the rail before you jump on. Dont look where you're landing, look down the rail. You'll still see where you're landing out of the corner of your eye.

  • 41

    royales should look like this

  • 42

    can any1 recomend how to grind this on a sqaure ril or any tips on grinds on sqaure rails

  • 43

    I've seen people do Royales with both backside plates on the rail, but here it says only the back foot. i'm not sure which one it is

  • 44

    Well, I tried and tried and tried to learn to do it on a cement ledge, but I couldn't because I was having trouble rolling my ankle over enough. Eventually, I tried it on a well waxed ledge with metal coping and that was much faster, so it was easier to let me gradually sink my ankle into it, since my skate wouldn't snag on the bumps in the 'crete like it would on the no-metal ledge. But, now that i know the feel, I can do it on anything.

    Square rails are a bit tricky tho. :-)

  • 45

    here go to this video it helps

    aggressivemall trick tips :D

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