The Savannah is like a unity, exept that you cross the front leg over the back leg – opposite of the unity. This might seem very unatural to you,...

The Savannah is like a unity, exept that you cross the front leg over the back leg – opposite of the unity. This might seem very unatural to you, and also hard. But really, – it is all mental!

When doing the unity, your back leg's foot is put in front of the other, so that the leg's foot is grinding in front of the other. When doing a savannah, your back leg's foot is put behind the other, so that the leg's foot is grinding in front of the other.

Think of the trick, as you were to perform an alleyoop unity! If you're grinding a coping, and you are about to do a unity, go in the other direction, and land in the same unity position. Now you're going backwards – or what? – No, you're doing a savannah! When done on rails it is the same thing, but it is not as easy to think of.

Now, approach the obstacle with a moderate speed – you can do this trick with just any speed, so you can just slow down, if you do not feel comfortable with it. Jump and cross your legs as you land. It is easier if you land in the groove. When your skates are positioned in the grooves of the two skates, you are perfectly balanced – even more than in a frontside. If you can't get your skates to be in the groove, just go lower – bend down in your legs.


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    lmao this trick is mad hard!!!!!!!!

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    this junk i shard as fuk…i try it on half pipes and slide accross but i fall into the pipe cuz i cant baalnce on that foot….suks ass:D

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    they are really easy….but it takes some practice and alot of falls. If your having trouble doing them, try going a little faster. May hurt if you mess up but when u finally get them u will realize how easy they were all along. Plus the extra speed gives the trick alil more steeez. Good luck

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    yo that the fuck is an ocbyn soul?

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    i found it easyer to do then switch from the way you do unity cuz then your footing is the same but you just going the other way..

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    shits easy, i dont do unities anymore, just savannahs. the feel better

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    im a retard, i can do unitys no probs, but this is officially impossible. when i try and coss my legs, my knees get caught, and i end up faceplating. ne1 got tips?

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    Sit on the floor and cross your legs, for most people this is the way their legs will be crossed for their unity and probably their savannah.

    For some people itís the way the legs are crossed thatís important, so youíll cross them the same for both your unity and your savannah, which means that on the same ledge, your unity will go one way and your savannah will go the other (ie your sav is your alleyoop unity).

    For others its all about keeping the same leading foot and the same weight-bearing foot, which means your unity and savannah will both go the same way along the ledge, with the same leading foot, crossed in front for the unity and crossed behind for the savannah. So your sav is basically an alleyoop of your switch unity.

    If you donít usually think about your tricks in that much depth :), then just do heaps of stalls both ways, try moving both (and yeah, more speed helps even if it also hurts more), and eventually youíll work it out. You might even end up with sav both ways, bonus.

    Donít if that helps any, hope so. You kind of have to swing the leading foot around behind the other one, which usually lands first. I'm still not very good at getting them both on at the same time. Took me a bunch of tries to get it working ñ not as long as royale took, though! Feels sweet when it works

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    i fucking can¥t do this trick! :(

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    god this trick is easy

    i learned it before i leard soul

    and i think its easier than a unity

    jump on a ledge to stall a bunch of times first, its easier if its on a ledge than a rail i think, and its easier to get balance down if u have something to put a hand on the first few times u do it

    it took me about 2 hours straight doin this back and forth to get it down

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    w00t, i thougth i was doing Unity all the time, but hey it was Savannah oO

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    Cross both feet at the same time. Don't cross one then the other. It'll cause you to stick or slide out, depending on which foot you throw first.

    If your back foot locks first, that foot will stick & your front foot will slide out when it locks because your back foot won't follow. you'll then slowly slide down into sitting position. I used to do this.

    If both feet lock at the same time, you stay on.

    Back savannah is more comfortable to me, but most find front savannah more comfortable. Both are physically equal in difficulty

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