This is another basic trick, that is very easy to master! Put your back foot in soul position – that is: put your back foot parallel to the obsta...

This is another basic trick, that is very easy to master! Put your back foot in soul position – that is: put your back foot parallel to the obstacle you're grinding, so that the outside sole of your boot is on the obstacle. Instead of grinding with the rail/curb between your middle wheels, you turn the souling foot 90 degrees, and plant the outside soul on the obstacle. The foot you're resting on the outside sole is known as your soul foot. In the soul grind, your back foot is in soul position, while your front foot is like in a frontside.

When you skate to the object, you want to skate to it straight on, unless you're spinning to it. Jump a little above the obstacle, to see exactly where you're going to position your feet.

Lots of beginners step into the grind, by first putting the back foot onto the obstalce, and then the front foot. Forget it! It will not work when you're going to grind real things like rails or ledges – it also looks terrible.

If you're grinding round things like copings and rails, it will be easier to keep the balance by bending your souling foot over the rail, so that the knee of your souling foot is resting on the opposite side of the obstacle that you jumped to the obstacle from. You also need to bend your ancle.

If you're grinding ledges or curbs, you need to have your soul foot perpendicular on the obstacle or else your souling foot will slide out of the soul position.

Put the weight on the souling foot – your back foot in this case. This is the case for almost every grind with a souling foot in it. To add style, try to get as low as possible – this is called a 'lowrider soul'.

Torque soul: A torque soul is a soul grind with the front foot in torque position instead of normal soul grind position. The front foot in the torque soul is put very close to the soul foot, so that it is possible to put the non-souling foot in torque position. There is not too much to the torque soul than putting it in that position – you do not need to be able to torque with the non-souling foot to do the torque soul.

Some skaters put their weight on the torque foot instead of the souling foot – but that is often to compensate for the grind being switch – for instance switch topside torque soul.


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    The soul one of my fav. grinds. Once u get the stall down there not much more to the actual grind process. One thing though is to always remember that souls take a little more speed than some grinds like ur frontside.

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    i find this the easiest grind because if you have skates with a wide soul area then all your balance is put onto the front foot. if you dont bend your ankle on the soul foot you will slide off if it is a waxed or round rail. if you just lean forward and get speed it is the easiest.:)

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    A soul is one of the easiest tricks to learn and master. I reccomend learning to makio before you soul, you will get balance in your' grinds much easier learning this. once you learn makio, practice it with your front foot hanging over and then jus do it! good luck.

  • 4

    hey, are rollerblade trc estillos any good? im trying to find good skates, from CHICKYBABE

  • 5

    i mean trS….B)

  • 6


  • 7

    how far apart does ur souling foot and ur frontiside foot have 2 be on the rail / ledge?

  • 8

    whast the trick kalled when you just stal on one foot in the middle of your blade

  • 9

    i cannot get souls, everytime i try i fall off, when i go to land my front foot stays on but my bak foot falls off and i wipe out! now i can do makios and mitzus very easily and i almost have front sides and bak sides. but i just cannot to this, help!

  • 10

    ^^ try to first, stand inline with the rail at the same angle as if u were going to grind it, then step up onto it, and work out how u have to balance to stay on for a decent amount of time. Then when uve got that, try jumping up to the rail without moving, and once uve got that souling shouldnt be a problem

  • 11

    there so easy

  • 12

    how can i get my soul foot to lock on?

  • 13

    you have to kind of lean it so its half on the frame, and half on the soul plate, at least thats how i do it.

  • 14

    wouldnt the frontside grind be easier?

  • 15

    the day i tot my self soul, a byn soul came in almost as easy. u just turn ur backfoot a little mre, untillits pointing in the other direction

  • 16

    is a soul tha same if i put my sole foot (right) in front and my left foot in tha back?:(

  • 17

    IM me at ...elliminater

  • 18

    no, thats a mizou

  • 19

    I sarted skting a week ago and i learned this grind in about 30min. what i did was i first would jump on the ril in the soul position then i would try to grind and every time i messed up the grind i would soul stall 5 times then try to grind again. this made it very easy to learn the soul position.

  • 20

    I sarted skting a week ago and i learned this grind in about 30min. what i did was i first would jump on the ril in the soul position then i would try to grind and every time i messed up the grind i would soul stall 5 times then try to grind again. this made it very easy to learn the soul position.

  • 21

    wen i jump in2 soul position i cant get the heal of my soul foot on the ledge and i wont slide, how du i fix this?????

  • 22

    and 4 ALE-D2004, try to get on top of the rail or whatever youre grinding and u usually need to wax up the sides of a rail or ledge to soul smoother;)

  • 23

    :D i did this my first time on my 10ft rail on my 2nd day i had aggressives and it looks cool doin the whole thin loridin the grind :D

  • 24

    iwm afraid:(:(:(:(

  • 25

    whats this grind called if it's done backside

  • 26

    its not backside its topside if theres a soul foot then there is no backside its topside its called a topsoul:D

  • 27

    SO EASY as long as you put all your weight on your back foot and strech the front one out. I prefer Topsouls

  • 28

    :( when i try to do souls i can get my front foot to be exactly perpendicular to the rail. How do you get your front foot to slide? like how do you get your front foot in the frontside position while the back foot is in soul? please help. thanks

  • 29

    i have the same prob

  • 30

    I learned by stepping into it, and holding it, then jumping into it and holding it, then with my rail in the grass, take a couple of steps and jump into it and slide it, then I did in the street. I can't do this on tall rails yet, just front sides on anything knee height etc.

  • 31

    How do you do this on ramp? i can do it on street no probs, but i just can't do it on ramp, ne advice?

  • 32

    To do it on a ramp u have to pump and push ur ankels into the coping if put ur soul foot up first and then put ur frontside foot up then you can get it easyier and use that to work up to it

  • 33

    never step int this grind. u only end up losing speed, and over balancing. and when you jump, try not to look @ ur feet. put's u off big time. put ur feet above the ledge,rail and ur feet will jusst slide.:D :p

  • 34

    I cant put my feet on the rail at the same time. What should I do

  • 35

    can you do it with ur right foot on soul?

  • 36

    yhea thats mizou

  • 37

    i cant do this trick to save my life…ahhh i cant get my soul foot to stay on my outside sole…i just fall…HELP ME!!!:(

  • 38

    for this grind what foot should i throw down first?, or should they go down at the same time?

  • 39

    soul grinds are my favorite to do i could to them ALL DAY[u/]

  • 40

    I cant do this trick very well. I wish I could. I'm going to work at it until I get it.

  • 41

    i can't seem to get my left foot on the coping:(! please help. however, when i grind like this, i find it easy, but only on legdes. plz help

  • 42

    i cant get my soul foot to land the right way, and the few times i do, i dont slide or i come to a quick stop, does neone have ne tips on a way that i can land the soul foot on easier:(

  • 43

    This 1 is so easy

  • 44

    i love soles and topsoles… i can do topsoles soooo good and boxes but when it comes to circle rails i used to be able to do them really good but then i got hurt and now im scared to death because sometimes if i dont lock in i get thrown to the ground and i hurt my knee really bad one time any tips on locking in better on circle rails? i lock in almost everytime on boxes but its just harder for me …. i think its because i put my backsiding foot on first then my souling foot on i think thats why its harder but any advice would be nice

  • 45

    if i do the soul but use my right foot as my soul foot and left as frontside is it still called a soul?

  • 46

    This trick is really easy for me but it can really suck if your soul plate misses the rail and you ride on it. This could end up really bad :(

  • 47

    Oo I am suprised to say this trick is easy . I have been skating for 3 days xD i can so front side and back side very well but not soul.I know i have been skating for 3 days but i prasticed 5 hours a day or more .I just cant get it to slide it and i step on not jump xD thats kinda hard any tips please comment it :D

  • 48

    dynasty1701: They should go same time for having better style but I cannot do them same time and if u donot do them same time u should definetily have youre souling foot firts.

    soul is nice grind:D

  • 49

    I've been practicing stalls, and its natural that my left foot is frontside and my right is souled.

    I thought this would be a soul, but i guess it depends on what angle you go from? or would i be mizou'ing?

  • 50

    god this was difficult for me, i had to practice stalling a bunch before grinding

    landing on the soul part of my boot was really foreign to me and hard to learn. once im on balance is easy though, its just a matter of getting both feet in the same place

  • 51

    This is the Simplest grind in Aggressive I leaned after 15 min to perfect it

    Just roll up Jump push the side of your boot onto the ledge and place your back foot like a backside SO EASY! ;)

  • 52

    @noro lean in the grind enough, make sure the wheels don't touch the obstacle

  • 53

    i can't find out how to keep grindÌng¥, every time i try my left food hits the right. please help me

  • 54

    this fuckin trick is almost easier than te frontside! i tried it 2days but it dosent work!

  • 55

    i can pornstar a handrail ,ledge ,makio ledge,mizou too but i just can't get my soul on my box

    my front foot foesn't seem to want to get on top of my box

  • 56

    give it a week of practise everyday and u can do it blindfolded! practise is the key dudes! it only gets easier every time!

  • 57

    :Dso easy to do this trick It was my first grind everB)B)B) And now i almost always land it:D later dudes

  • 58

    this trick is easy

  • 59

    ths is so easy if you cant do it you f@#$%^ suck

  • 60

    is it even possible to soul a ledge?? if it is, then how do ye do it? :(

  • 61

    Some people find Souls easier than any other grinds. It took me about a week to learn to stall on the soul plate consistently. Then i started doing the grinds.

    Don't learn these on handrails until youre completely comfortable with souls. I would recommend learning other tricks on rails first, because these are known to hurt the worst when you rack (i.e. do the splits on a rail and rack your nuts). I recommend makio, miszou, back farf, or front royale. Topsoul is oftentimes safer than soul even.

    Frontside, Miszou, Makio, Pornstar, and Soul are the most common grinds people learn first. It depends on the person as to which they learn first. I learned frontside, then soul, then royale, then more…

  • 62

    bacardi…... as far as u feel comfortable with,,,, the further apart they r, the harder it is for u to lose ur balance…... hmmm, personally i thought the frontside was easier to learn then the soul, but soul grinding feels safer, and more natural

  • 63

    You should try to do a combo—makio and then go to a soul, or you can Mizou and then go to a soul, its a little tricky to learn, cuz you have to turn your body if you wanna stay on the rail

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