Sweatstance is another name for a topside mizou, but is a little different than the mizou. It originated from the kindgrind. This trick is a good one f...

Sweatstance is another name for a topside mizou, but is a little different than the mizou. It originated from the kindgrind. This trick is a good one for practising topsides, since you can see your souling skate – you can not do that when you're topside souling.

When approaching the obstacle, spot your landing. It might help if you bend your souling ancle a little, so it is ready for the topside. Land with the souling foot at the spot in topside position. This is the main thing you have to concentrate on, the back foot will come automaticly. Your weight should be on the front foot.

When doing topsides, you can't have your upper body right over the obstacle – you need to grind the obstacle with an angle of 45 degrees or less. Since you have this angle, you can't stay on the rail forever, so you need to grind with a nice speed to grind a long rail or curb. When you have more speed on the grind, you will also have less problems with maintaining the balance – just like riding a bicycle.

Read the guide to 'Mizou' for tips on style and "Topside Tricks" for help on topsides.


  • 1

    I love this grind. It is really one of the hardest grinds I did so far. I almost stayed up all night just trying to stay stationary for about 30 seconds. This grind is awesome!

  • 2

    sweaties on ledges are nice B)

  • 3

    read the big chunk of writing above :D

  • 4

    d@#%, i cant do a topside worth crap.:(

  • 5

    this is prolly the only topside grind i'll be able to do for a while

  • 6


  • 7

    can't seem to lock in my front foot it slips or rolls down rails

  • 8

    damn it hard for me, my frontfoot always misses the rail

  • 9

    my front foot moves off the rail and i always fall face flat on the ground i broke my nose not to long ago triying to do it.

  • 10

    I just did my first sweatstance. Its the first topside grind ive been able to do… ive been wantin to do them forever but i dont really avhe very many places to practice… but today i went to the highschool and waxed the bicycle rack up and was just doin like, the usual… mizou, soul, acid, royal, frontside, backside (thats all i can do right now but ive only been skatin for like 2 months, and i havent been fofr like 2 weeks bc i think i broke my hand… but i just was bein brave today) ne way… i was callin it a topside miszou, but its cooler callin it a sweatstance. Thanks Toxboe

  • 11

    the grind is easy but i jus have a problem doing it on my 6 foot high quaterpipe i jus cant find the coping any advise???

  • 12

    i can do a topside soul and topside acid but i cant do a sweatstance and topside porn

  • 13

    this is the first topside i learned, but as soon as i got this i got the topsoul and topside makio within like an hour. maybe not even that.

  • 14

    a topside makio is a fishbrain

  • 15

    like half the time i slip out and fall really hard. i usually twist and fall on my stomach/wrist : {. is there a better way to jump on or like lean so i don't fall so hard?

  • 16

    its not swEETstance its swEATstance as in wen u play sports u sweat

  • 17

    ...what the fuck is a sweetstance

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