Topside Grinds

Topside is when the souling foot is grinding on top of the obstacle, with the weight on the frame instead of the sole of the boot. Your skate is horizo...

Topside is when the souling foot is grinding on top of the obstacle, with the weight on the frame instead of the sole of the boot. Your skate is horizontal instead of vertical. They might seem hard to learn in the beginning, just as it was when learning souls. When practising topside soul tricks, a good thing is to imagine that you are to do a farside soul instead. When you've learned this, try to land the trick with your skate horizontal on the obstacle.

Topside souls are harder than ordinary souls, but also looks really good. This is mainly because it's hard to do a topside trick without doing the trick in lowrider style. In order to do topside tricks, you have to lean out away from the obstacle, so that your body is over the ground, stairs, or ramp, and not the ledge, rail, or coping.

When doing topside tricks on ramps, you need to have your body placed over the ramp and not over the coping. The more you lean out, the easier it is to maintain balance once you've locked in. If you don't lock in, simply just bail out, slide down the ramp. Lots of people don't like to lean out over the ramp, because they are scared they will fall bad, but if you just slide down the ramp, there's really nothing to fear.

The easiest topside trick is probably the sweatstance, since you can see your souling skate. When doing topside souls, you can't see your souling skate. So go for the sweatstance first, then the kindgrind, and then either the fishbrain or the topsoul.


  • 1

    yeah i keep trying to do these and i always land on my wheels and not my frame

  • 2

    ya me to:D

  • 3

    all the grinds that i do topside i always feel more comfortable doing them switch…'s so much easier:D:D:D

  • 4

    such as a topside acid….i feel more comfortable doing them switch topside acid:D you guys should try it that way

  • 5

    Sup. im skater from Down Under, thats for damn sure doing topside grind switch is easy as and i find i can style them sweetly too.. but!!.. i can do them only switch on copings and ledges, i do normal topsides on rails only.. my mates think im whack.. anyone got this prob?B)

  • 6

    wahoo i finally learned them like a week ago where i dont land on my wheels :D

  • 7

    i just learned topsoul it was a lot easier than kindgrind or sweatstanceto me

  • 8


  • 9

    I have broken my ankle before so it really hurts when im learning topside grinds, so its pretty hard for me.:(

  • 10

    topsoul are fuckin easy.

  • 11

    top side grinds kik my ass i can skate them on rails and ledges but i cant get them on coping i can twist engouh to lock in my top foot (dominat) but i cant get my soul foot there any tips????:(......

  • 12

    anyone know wat an alley oop topside negitive mizou or pornstar is called i can do both

  • 13

    i thought topside was were the bottom of your frame was on the rail, coping, etc. ? thats the way i learned them…..

  • 14

    topsidin' is like so eazie when u sol and mizou

  • 15

    All the topside grinds are CRAZY… How can twist his ankles in that kind of position.. Heh…

  • 16

    ive spoken to a few people who have the same problem, they can only do topsides switch, they also seem to be missing the point of topsides. topsides enable you to grind a rail on your wrong side with your dominate foot, they also look pretty sik. the only real point of switch tops are to do sik switch-ups. The best thing to do is to learn em dominate first then to learn em switch so then you dont get tempted to put up with just doing em switch so that u can say u can do em. that way u can hit any rail any way . but ovbiously its easier sed then done .

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