Tired of doing the same tricks all the time? Then I guess it's time to throw in some variations in those grinds. Here are some that will make your...

Tired of doing the same tricks all the time? Then I guess it's time to throw in some variations in those grinds. Here are some that will make your grind more stylish, better looking, and a lot harder:

Backside: Every trick that doesn't involve a soul foot can be done backside. Backside is doing a grind opposite of the frontside grind. If the obstacle you're about to grind is on the right, you should spin left to land in the backside position, and right if you want to land in the frontside position.

Topside: Every trick that involves a soul foot can be done topside. If you're topside grinding a curb, then your skate is vertical to the ground. Normally, it would be horizontal to the ground. When doing topsides, you have to jump up from the opposite side of the obstacle to grind with your normal soul foot.

Farside: The farside is often mistaken for the topside, but they are very different. The farside is if you land a grind, where you have to jump over the obstacle to land on the farside side. For instance on a ledge: if you jump over the ledge and land on the farside side, you're doing a farside.

Alleyoop: Alleyoop is spinning into a backwards grind non-blind. If you were to do an alleyoop soul on your left side, you would spin counter-clockwise 180 into the grind. If the non-souling foot is in front of the souling foot, you have to look over your shoulder the way your soul foot is. So if your soul foot is the right foot, you have to look over the right shoulder. If the non-souling foot is behind the souling foot, you have to look over the opposite shoulder of your soul foot. So if you soul foot is the right foot, you have to look over your left shoulder.

Truespin / Blindside: Spinning truespin is spinning the opposite way of alleyoop. When you spin into a truespin soul on your left side, you would spin clockwise 180 into the grind. Spinning truespin is much harder than spinning alleyoop, since the obstacle you're grinding is blind in the spin. You can't always spot your landing.

Rewind: When you come off of a grind or stall, you do a 270 or (something else – spin). i.e.: You slide down a rail going left->right, and as you come off, you do a spin clockwise.

Negative: Negatives are somewhat hard, and you can't do them on all skates. You have to make sure you have enough 'negative' space – that is the sole space on opposite site of your normal soul space under your boot.

Disaster: When you do an air before you land the grind. For instance you can do a stale japan and land a royale, do a unity grab and landing a unity, doing mute air and doing a fahrvergnugen. It is a lot harder than just jumping into the grind. Partly because you have to concentrate about grabbing your skates, but also because you usually can't spot your landing from where you launch into the air.

Freestyle: Instead of grabbing your foot in for instance makios, fishbrains, torques, and backslides, you just let it hang in the air. Focus on keeping it as calm and steady as possible.

Spin: Spin in and out of your grinds.

Rewinds: When you spin into a stall or grind, and then spinning the opposite way the same amount of degrees out.

Fakie: You approach the obstacle going riding backwards. It is common to spin 180 degrees into the grind from the fakie position.

Zerospin: When riding fakie, doing the grind, and landing the grind fakie, without spinning.

Changing grinds / switch-up: While grinding an obstacle, you can switch into another grind. For instance from a soul to fahrvergnugen soul or to a sweatstance. Just any grind. Normally you would choose a combination, where both feet change positions. Soul to Mizou isn't really a combination.

Budget grinds: A switch-up, where one foot remains in the same position while the other changes position. For instance if you are doing a topside acid and you lift the souling foot to now only grind on the backslide foot while moving the soul foot to a soyale position. The budget grinds are mostly done keeping the non-souling foot (the other foot doing torque, backslide, fastslide, etc.) grinding and the souling foot changing the position.

Switch / Unnatural: Grind with your switch foot instead of what you've always practised. For instance, if you normally do a soul with your right foot, try it with your left instead. This way you can also add more interesting grind combos – like soul to topsoul, etc.


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    I'd first wanna thank for being such a complete aggressive website and that I also perfectioned my aggressive language and vocabulary with the trickguides; and that impresses here in my country because it's not a sport that anyone does here.

  • 2

    very nice. i jus dont get wat "negative" is… it says wat kind of sk8s u need

  • 3

    a negative plate is the opposite of the positive. the inside part of the skate. so u need a skate with a big negative plate

  • 4

    Toxboe is such a great page for newbies. You can see how to put your feet on a grind or something else. There's also a lot of great tips' from other users who wants to help. Thank you toxboe !

  • 5

    thnks toxboe now now i kno th differance between topsides and farsides :)

  • 6

    It's very usefull for newbies (like me :) ). thank toxboe for this tricksguide. :D

  • 7

    TOXBOE IS THE SHIT! i am a newb so ow i can put some stye in my makio.

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  • 9

    u dont get many style points in a makio dude do a fishbrain insted:D:D

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  • 11

    bstballer2 thats alleyoop, if you spin to the right it would be truespin, ussually its harder to do then an alleyoop

  • 12

    put halfcab and fullcab in it too!

  • 13

    What does it mean to "Halfcab", "fullcab", and "a/o"???

  • 14

    ok, i figured out what a/o was… alley oop… duh…. but… ok, my right foot is my soul foot… so if i ride to the rail backwards (rail to my left) spin to where my back goes to the rail, adn land in a soul grind… would that be called a "fakie truespin soul"?

  • 15

    man now ill be able to actually name the trick instead of showing people wut they did and looking like retard and ill also understand wut the hell my friend is talkin aboot when he tells me moves! and no im not canadian! i just say aboot for fun!:D

  • 16

    here u said topside is vertical but in the page about it u said its horizontal

  • 17

    if u want to do a negative grind… then id advise u use remz… they have huge soulpates on both sides… i use my new remz 0701

  • 18

    can someone explain me 'cause wtf is a hurricane ?? i heard about a hurricane topsoul several times but what is it??

  • 19

    Hey, no thread that I saw relating to this but thanks.. I've learned more reading this site than I have tips from people in real life so far. The illustrations really helped, video links would be even better.

    This guide puts thigs into perspective for me.. thank you.


  • 20

    halfcab is a fakie 180 fullcab is a fakie 360

  • 21

    im still confused on the difference between alleyoops and truespins

    if my soul foot is my right, and i go to the right side of the rail and spin to the left a little bit and do a backwards soul is that an alleyopp or truespin?

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