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  • Utterslev Skole Utterslev Skole Copenhagen, Denmark

    A square of ledges that surrounds an asfalt hockey field / basketball field. The sides with the hockey goals and basketball nets has aprox. 2 meter high curbs that are skateable going in to the squ... Read more

  • Resecentrums drop-rail Resecentrums drop-rail Linköping, Sweden

    Two square drop rails that are kind of wobbely. They were featured in Quasi where Seth Nicolas did a topsoul and Jacob Juul did a Backside Royale. They've got a drop of around 3-4 meters. Read more

  • Bercy ledges Bercy ledges Paris, France

    These famous ledges in the heart of Paris has set the stage for one of the most legendary IMYTAs, and has since then stood out as one of the most legendary skate spots in the world. The spot hol... Read more