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, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

A whole bunch of hip high curbs in various lengths and with different drop-heights. There are also a few rails – one being a slightly downward-going rail that's about 8 meters long. Another is a double kinkrail.

Directions to skatespot

Take bus 2A from downtown Copenhagen – it ends in Tingbjerg. You can also go out Frederiksundsvej (Mainroad 211) until you get to the "Tingbjerg" exit. It's close to the "DR TV-byen" in Søborg.

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Photos from Tingbjerg

  • Backside Fahrvergnugen by Jojje Nyberg Backside Fahrvergnugen

    Jojje Nyberg

  • Royale to Alleyoop Topside Soul by Henrik Jensen Royale to Alleyoop Topside Soul

    Henrik Jensen

  • Royale by Henrik Jensen Royale

    Henrik Jensen

  • Kindgrind by Terje Frederiksen Kindgrind

    Terje Frederiksen

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