Skatespot: Utterslev legeplads Denmark, Copenhagen

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Utterslev legeplads
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

Playground with lots of curbs. Noticable is a very nice long banana curb.

Directions to skatespot

It is right by Tuborgvej (which becomes Tomgårsvej). You can get there by going out the highway called Lyngbyvejen (19 I think). It's the one that starts by going past the Fælledparken skatepark. Anyways – get off at "Tuborgvej". Follow this road till you get there. If you can't spot it, it's right after Tuborgvej becomes "Tomgårdsvej". You can also get there by heading out Nørrebrogade (becomes Frederiksundsvej) or Tagensvej. Frederiksundsvej and Tagensvej will intersect Tomgårdsvej/Tuborgvej.

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Photos from Utterslev legeplads

  • Alleyoop soul by Michael Nissen Alleyoop soul

    Michael Nissen

  • Frontside fahrvergnugen by Daniel Prell Frontside fahrvergnugen

    Daniel Prell

  • 360 Kindgrind by Terje Frederiksen 360 Kindgrind

    Terje Frederiksen

  • Topside soul by Christian Berg Topside soul

    Christian Berg

  • Royale to alleyoop topside soyale by Christian Berg Royale to alleyoop topside soyale

    Christian Berg

  • Disaster Sweatstance 360 by Terje Frederiksen Disaster Sweatstance 360

    Terje Frederiksen

  • Frontside Fahrvergnugen by Seth Nicolas Frontside Fahrvergnugen

    Seth Nicolas

  • Backside Royale by Seth Nicolas Backside Royale

    Seth Nicolas

  • Backside Fahrvergnugen by Rasmus Andersen Backside Fahrvergnugen

    Rasmus Andersen

  • Topside soul by Kasper Roldsgård Topside soul

    Kasper Roldsgård

  • Backside Royale by Fredericke Reich Backside Royale

    Fredericke Reich

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