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Area51 Eindhoven
Klokgebouw 51
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Description of skatespot

An indoor skateboardpark wich means some fun to those inliners who like a street-feel. Contains lots of flatbanks, rollin, wave, miniramp and the largest indoor pool of the Benelux.

Directions to skatespot

Take the A2 in the direction Eindhoven, then take exit 31 to Meerhoven, go along the MacDonalds, park directions are taking over there.

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Photos from Area51 Eindhoven

  • 360 hurricane topside soul by 360 hurricane topside soul

  • Fishbrain stall by Nicolas Shopfer Fishbrain stall

    Nicolas Shopfer

  • 450 Frontside Savannah by 450 Frontside Savannah

  • Truespin Topside Soyale by Truespin Topside Soyale

  • Air by Brian Aragon Air

    Brian Aragon

  • Bio 540 by Luuk Eerens Bio 540

    Luuk Eerens

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  • 1

    B)B)B)cool skatepark luitjes:D:D:D:D

  • 2

    Never Been there before, but i hear it's a nice skatepark. Wanna go there this summer, it's the only big skatepark around here in holland :D

  • 3

    He panna, in Rotterdam (holland) you have a indoor park (Skateland) and an outdoor park West-blaak. There big too.

  • 4

  • 5

    old pic old park, Area is on an other location and the park is even more brutal then it was.

  • 6

    It's pretty neat..

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