Skatespot: Bo01 Sweden, Malmö

Bo01 - Malmö, Sweden on a map

Information about the skatespot: Bo01 - Malmö, Sweden


Malmö, Sweden

Description of skatespot

Nice, fairly long, smooth ledge with descending ground beside it.

Directions to skatespot

Bo01 is an apartment project between the harbor and the "Ribersborg" Beach. You can find the spot pretty near the long strip with the cafés.

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Photos from Bo01

  • Spine Transfer by Christoffer Persson Spine Transfer

    Christoffer Persson

  • Mute Spine Transfer by Christoffer Persson Mute Spine Transfer

    Christoffer Persson

  • Alleyoop Fishbrain by Christoffer Persson Alleyoop Fishbrain

    Christoffer Persson

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