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Mini bercy
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

Knee high round curbs (round like the bercy curbs in Paris, France). There are 3 curbs where one is straight and the other two is banana. If you're up for higher curbs of the same kind, you'll find some larger bercy-like curbs only 500 meters away.

This spot is only skateable in the weekend, since angry late-working teachers will throw you away even in the night-time on a school-night. You'll need to jump the fence to get in.

Directions to skatespot

Take the train to Vesterport and go down "Danasvej" (the road that goes between the "Netto" supermarket and the "Shell" gas station. Follow this road "over" the lakes and follow the road a few crosses. On your left side, there will be a schoolyard that is fenced in. Jump the fence and skate the curbs!

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Photos from Mini bercy

  • Royale by Christian Berg Royale

    Christian Berg

  • Topside Acid by Terje Frederiksen Topside Acid

    Terje Frederiksen

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Mini bercy

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