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, London, England

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South Bank
London, England

Description of skatespot

Sweet skating spot – although there are too many boarders – theres banks galore, 2 sets of stairs bout 12 steps? couple ledges rounbd the corner

Directions to skatespot

walk out of Waterloo station towards the london Eye, when you're standing at the base of the London Eye, turn right and walk straight – you ain't gonna miss it as its gonna be packed! Its under a walk over and its gonna be dry

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  • 1

    this is one hell of a place

  • 2

    been there… it rocks

  • 3

    the place rules but u gotta go down to waterloo station if u want sum amazing rails…plus its only 7 steps :( but theres a realli cool 5 flat 5 set which i love to do :D

  • 4

    one of the best spots:)

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