Skatespot: Plein 1992 Netherlands, Maastricht

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Plein 1992
Plein 1992 Street
Maastricht, Netherlands

Description of skatespot

A grand court containing lots of handrails, stairs, drops and marble ledges. Watch it; skating is forbidden in here, but it's to sweet to ignore. Avoid local authority !!

Directions to skatespot

Ask bypassers for "Centre Ceramique" or the local library. It's well know and large, so you can't miss it. Or you could take busline #1 or 28 and get out on the Avenue Ceramique Noord.

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  • 1

    This place has also fallen into the hands of the antiskatepolicy of the local city council. Every nice ledge and rail is capped and anti-skatetiles spoil the fun.

  • 2

    is it poseble that i canrip that grind block of?? and in what kind of way:P

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