Skatespot: Taksim TUYAP Turkey, Istanbul

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, Istanbul, Turkey

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Taksim TUYAP
Istanbul, Turkey

Description of skatespot

One of the istanbul's best ledges.
You can go whenever you want. It is two smooth curbs, and there isn't anybody to send you away from the curbs.

Directions to skatespot

Near the ODAKULE in istaiklal caddesi, beyoglu.
Near the TRT in taksim.

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Photos from Taksim TUYAP

  • Royale by Hikmet Taylan Erzin Royale

    Hikmet Taylan Erzin

  • Backside Royale by Mansur Backside Royale


  • Topside Soul by Mansur Topside Soul


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Taksim TUYAP

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