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, Madison, WI, USA

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Kohl Center
Madison, WI, USA

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This sports center has some good terrain to skate. To the right of the front entrance, there's a double 6-stair. To the left of the front entrance, there's a double 7-stair. Around the back of the building, there are lots of concrete barricades and whatnot. Plus, there are some long, fat red rails that come to just above the knee.
If you've got an anti-rocker setup, these rails can be a lot of fun. Also, the SouthEast Recreational Facility (SERF for short) is right next door to the Kohl Center.
This place has a great 7-stair and a 12-stair. And directly across the street from the SERF is Ogg Hall…a sweet drop-off gap (about 10 feet high) is just begging to be done…

Directions to skatespot

Pretty easy… It's on Dayton Ave, right across from the southeast dorms. If you don't know where that is, then you're pretty stupid. It's a HUGE FREAKING BUILDING! The Kohl Center! You can't possible miss it.

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