Skatespot: Ungdomsklubben Regnbuen & Idrætten Denmark, Farum

Ungdomsklubben Regnbuen & Idrætten - Farum, Denmark on a map

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Ungdomsklubben Regnbuen & Idrætten
Farum, Denmark

Description of skatespot

We have to skateparks in Farum.. the first place is on Rengbuen birkhøjrterreserne 1: 1 Mini vert, 1 pyramide, one FunBox like the one in Fælledparken, A nice pool, one middle pipe, A bank, A Quarter Pipe, Small Stairs with a little rail on, And Abox with curbs on, 2 long Stone curbs… On Idrætten: 1 very nice vert a little bit smaller that the BIG one in Fælledparken, 1 little quarterpipe and a mini vert.. So please come to Farum and try out your ramps.. Whrite to me if you want to visit Farum…

Directions to skatespot

It´s hard to discripe so just E-mail me.

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