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, Linköping, Sweden

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Hangaran Skatepark
Linköping, Sweden

Description of skatespot

A park made by inline skaters and BMXers… that means no low shit – just hights that you can use for some good skating. They've got a nice bowl with a hip, a curve and kinks. Definately a must-go if you are in Sweden and it's raining.

Directions to skatespot

When you drive into Linköping from the southern highway entrance, you'll see the Scandic Hotel from the highway. The skatepark is right next to the Scandic hotel. You'll come to a huge roundabout. Here you need to take the road that leads to the gas station right next to the big roundabout. Continue past the roundabout. Now drive down this road for about 1 km. You'll then come to another gas station that is right next to the Scandic hotel. Drive straight through (you might want to watch out for the plant in the middle of the roundabout ;) and there's going to be a sign that says: skatepark after about 200 meters. Take a left turn, and you're there!

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Photos from Hangaran Skatepark

  • Corkscrew 720 by Chribba Corkscrew 720


  • Truespin mizou by Dan Gustavsson Truespin mizou

    Dan Gustavsson

  • Backside Royale by Josef Marnell Backside Royale

    Josef Marnell

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Hangaran Skatepark

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