Skatespot: Frognerparken Norway, Oslo

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Oslo, Norway

Description of skatespot

Frognerparkern, Vigelandsanlegget, Frogner, Oslo.
Little under knee high curbs. A gap in the end. The preffered spot of many Oslonians. :)

Directions to skatespot

Take the tunnel bane to the Majorstua T-bane station. You can also take the trolley to the Vigelandsparken Trikk station. When you're inside the park, look for the big fountain. Go there.

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Photos from Frognerparken

  • Sweatstance by Klas Olsson Sweatstance

    Klas Olsson

  • Negative Mistrial by Klas Olsson Negative Mistrial

    Klas Olsson

  • Fishbrain training wheel by Olav Norheim Fishbrain training wheel

    Olav Norheim

  • Truespin topside acid by Boas Utvik Truespin topside acid

    Boas Utvik

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