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KPMG building
Sørkedalsveien / Fridtjof Nansens vei
Oslo, Norway

Description of skatespot

Some over-knee-high concrete ledges. Very skateable. It's got a ledge to drop on both sides in one end – with a rail on top of the right hand ledge.
Other than that there are some long ledges, so that it is possible to do sessions.
Nighttime skating is possible because of the very good lighting. Wintertime or raintime skating is possible in one half of the spot.
Watch out for security guards or angry shop-owners. They get really mad and try to block you with their own body. (my experience :))

Directions to skatespot

KPMG building. Next to the Colosseum center. Get off at the Majorstue T-bane station. Right next to Frognerparken.

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