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, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Hvide Christiania Rails
Copenhagen, Denmark

Description of skatespot

A pair of long white rails at a fairly steep angle. The left side starts from the top, but the right side misses the first meter – so you'll have to jump a meter before you hit the right rail.
Both rails are low – between hip and knee high, but because of their steepness they feel even lower.
You'll need a plate in order to get a run-up – there's dirt on the tip.

Directions to skatespot

Right next to the green christiania rails. If you go over the knippelsbro from Copenhagen downtown, then turn left at the "Kronprinssessegade". Turn right next time you can. You'll now come to the green christiania rails – go up the stairs of theese and continue straight ahead. You'll reach the white rails about 10-15 meters after the top of the green-rail-stairs.

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Photos from Hvide Christiania Rails

  • Topside Acid to Backside Royale by Jacob Juul Petersen Topside Acid to Backside Royale

    Jacob Juul Petersen

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Hvide Christiania Rails

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